Shark Tank Australia Season 02 – Episode 01

Pitch 01: On the go

Offers from Sharks : 3 (300,000 for 20%), Second offer ($600,000 for 35%)

Counter : 15% for $300,000 | counter 2 ($600,000 for 30%)

Outcome : Deal….. $600,000 for 30%

The 25-year-old built the sports apparel company out of his garage in O’Connor just over four years ago. He’s now running a multimillion-dollar company that employs 13 people and is looking to go global.

On The Go Sports offers customers the ability to customise sportswear for groups or teams. More than 300,000 people 10 countries have now used the products  –including Richard Branson.


On the go


Pitch 02 : Clever Score

Offers from Sharks :$200,000 for 50%  + $ 75,000 salary

Counter : $200,000 for 33.3%

Outcome : NO Deal!!!

Comments : Very complicated pitch. He didn’t able to mention what is he going to do with the money. Also, he divided his business to Australian business and International business.


Pitch 03 : Sharknado Alive

Offers from Sharks : $600,000 for 50%

Counter : N/A

Outcome : Deal!!! for the asking price.

Comments : Entertainment company with a new twist. Andrew thought all five sharks should made a deal.  4 sharks firstly agreed with Andrew to go to a deal and finally Steve also agreed to go with all five sharks. Seems like its a foolish investment. Sharknado is one of the foolish movies ever made.


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