Business loan calculator – Avoid Getting Ripped Off

If you are looking for a Business loan calculator, you probably running a small business and just got rejected from a big bank. Yes we know the pain and how banks treat to Small business owners. You might find there are so many Small business lenders out there. Most of them offer very fast service and ready to lend you money. However, did you ever think, how much you are paying for them?

low_doc_business_loansMost of the small business lenders offer very smarter looking calculators on their websites. But, most of them hiding the real interest rate.

Let’s  get an example and see, how much you are really paying.

Let’s Calculate

Business Loan calculator example
Business Loan calculator example

Above example from Australias fastest growing private business loan lender.

According to this for a loan amount of $50,000 you will pay $233 daily

So the most important question is, How  much interest you are paying? Most of these lenders never mentioned the interest rate. because, they don’t want you to get a heart attack. Let’s calculate.

Loan Amount = $50,000

Daily Payment = $233

How many payments = 264

Total repalyments (233 x 264) = $61,512

Total Intrest = $11,512

Intreat Rate = 11,512/50,000 x 100 = 23.02 %

Yes, you are paying 23% intrest rate for your business loan. this not include any application fee or any ongoing managment fees. most of small lenders have these fees.

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Can we trust private lenders and their Business Loan Calculators?

All of the theses lenders provide accurate data. However, they are hiding the interest rate from you. The best solution is when you call them directly ask for the interest rate. Mention them you have already used their Business loan calculator and you can see the interest rate. As a small business, you have to go for these lenders if you wants to get a Business Loan. Most Australian banks, don’t have an apatite for small businesses and they will only look at your application, after looking at your house value.

Permaculture Principles to be More Productive : How to use them

Permaculture principles applied to your garden and yard will save you money and time. We have heard the word “permaculture” many times, however, we might not really know what it’s for and what it involves or even how it connects to productivity.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of cultivation that is intended to sustain permanent agriculture by depending on the renewable resources and self-sustaining ecosystem. To make it simple, it is an approach to developing systems of settlement for individual and agricultural systems, which help the natural ecosystem of the land. In addition, this denotes that you are developing a sustainable land use designs through biological and ecological principles that sometimes reflect nature and in turn to maximum results for lesser work.

How to use Permaculture Principles
How to use Permaculture Principles

Here are three permaculture principles, which can help you increase your productivity:

Use and respond to change creatively

Change is the only permanent thing in the world, and successful businesses build a culture, which observes change as it describes, and determines how and when best to intervene.

Appreciate what’s happening on the “edges”

Did you know that the interface between things is where interesting events and ideas mostly happen? Most of the times, these are productive and diverse elements of the system.

Make the most of resiliency and diversity

This permaculture principle does not mean that you will weaken your business goals, however, it denotes looking within the structures you are making to make sure you are given with a lot of relationships.


Build your own success by starting small

Complicated systems are made from easy and simple systems, which work really well. Further, simple systems are simpler to keep. By starting small, you are able to keep some perspective on the right scale for the case.

Create from patterns to details

Once you look at successful patterns that are seen in the surroundings, you can build systems along with strong foundation, at the same time fill in the details as we go.

Value and use renewable services and resources

You need to make the best of at your own disposal from information, human and financial. Putting an explicit value on it will make a waste.

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Take some time to interact, observe and take stock

We are aware that it’s quite tempting to jump with your both feet sometimes, it is good to observe and contemplate. One you do not fully understand the situation, there’s a big chance that you might be spending your time making the wrong decision and coming up with the wrong solution.

Accept feedback and apply self-regulation

People need to know what really works for them and what does not so they can create on what works well for them. Knowing this is a key principle of business planning models and performance management methods.

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These permaculture principles stated above is only a guide for you to keep on track for sustainable and effective food production, however, they are excellent ideas as well for boosting your productivity.

UberEats – Everything you need to know about Uber Eats

I have been eating free food for weeks now. Yes, it’s from UberEats, I get $10 (used to be $20) every time someone registers and uses my promo code. Also, people who register gets $10 off from their orders. If you need Uber Eats Promo Code See here: Get $10 Free Uber Eats Code

Is it costly?

I think, this might be the first thing Uber guys ask themselves after they come up with this idea.
Nevertheless, Ye’s it’s costly. I did a bit research. I ordered few burgers from On it burgers. Those burgers are $15 with the delivery. If you visit the store, They will charge around $11 for the same burger. But, with someone delivers the burger to your office, I believe it is worth the money.

How is the Uber eats delivery experience?

I think, Uber got one thing wrong. They had their Uber drivers to deliver food sometimes. If yu are live in any City around the world, you know how hard it is to park your Car. In Sydney, it is almost impossible to find a Car. So, whenever a Uber driver brings my food, I had to go the road and pick it up for them.
However, When a uber delivery person delivers from a bicycle, the story is entirely different. They deliver on time; they are fast, and they come to your office.

How Uber make money? Is it going to last?

As long as I get free Food from my promo code, I don’t think about how Uber makes money :).
If you see my previous example looks like Uber not making any money at all. But. It might be just for now. in Melbourne they introduced a booking Fee of ($5), and they charge premium pricing when it’s a busy time (Same as Uber cars).

Looks lIke some people already, un happy

To my understanding, they will start charging the $5 booking fee everywhere, and the premium price will introduce to all cities. This stage is only a promotional stage, and they don’t think about making money yet.

Is smashed avocado really smashing the Australian dream?

Since the recent article by Bernard Salt in the Australian, millennials and the media have been quick to refute claims that smashed avocado is really smashing the Australian dream, but is this tasty fruit really to blame?

Over the past 12-18months there has been a lot of contention around the housing market with talks of property prices escaping prospective buyers with an emphasis on the first timers. But isn’t a rising market what you want from your investment? Yes when you’re sitting on the sidelines it’s not fun to see everyone else making money when you’re not but what’s really stopping millennials from buying property?

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Yes smashed avocado is partly to blame or if we’re being honest it’s the lack of self-discipline but let’s not offend the entitled millennials, let’s blame the helpless fruit because it’s really the problem. If you’re a millennial reading this then yes you heard me, it’s time to start taking some responsibility!

In our parents and grandparents era they didn’t go out every night, they didn’t have the nice car and the nice clothes or the latest phone or live off credit, they didn’t buy the best house either. They saved, they made sacrifices, they worked hard and they started small.

Yes millennials are quick to say it was easier for previous generations which again is yet another excuse and if we look at the facts, in 1975 women weren’t even able to buy property without a husband or their father as the guarantor as banks didn’t take into account a females’ income, the cash rate was at 17.5% and yet today our cash rate is 1.25% but yes, we as millennials are just so hard done by.

Now that’s not to say that millennials don’t have some reason to be complaining, we set our expectations high and we want it all and that’s a good thing. We want more, we demand more and what the real issue behind millennials struggling to get into the property market is the lack of advice and guidance, and in the true millennial spirit I’m going to blame someone else.

Yes it’s not the tasty fruit that’s to blame it’s the education system and the real estate and finance industry at large.

It’s all their fault and let me tell you why.

Links : Mortgage Brokers

Over the past four weeks there were 230,650 listings nationally and yet 75% of financial planners are unable to provide advice on property to due restrictions on their licence, not to mention that no financial planner is able to accept commissions from property, not that this would make them bias towards other investments of course. There is also no financial planner that is able to recommend a specific area to purchase property and whilst you can look at engaging a buyer’s agent you’ll often be stung with having to pay 1-2% of the purchase price for the privilege. No doubt in some areas that fee they paid is worth more now than the property they purchased.

It is evident that there is a lack of advice and guidance in this space and particularly during hard times when markets or personal circumstances change, which are when, you need that advice the most.

Now let’s not forget the governments involvement with the lack of financial education in schools. Whilst I’m so glad that learning about those filmic techniques in movies during English Class has really set me up in life, where were the classes on every day life skills such as how to budget, how to buy a property, how to research an investment, how to calculate the yield or the return on your investment, how to port security through buying and selling at the same time so you can move assets around without applying for new credit or even something as simple as how supply and demand works?

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On that point, the next thing millennials will be missing out on is smashed avocado, why? Similar to what we saw in the housing market, café’s are now discounting their smashed avocado just like the RBA dropped the cash rate to increase demand, but of course the more our peers want something the more we want it too so in true millennial fashion, It doesn’t matter whose to blame as long as I get my smashed avocado and my property portfolio too.

Adopt SuperStream by the end of October to ensure the Australian Tax Office doesn’t come knocking on your door

ATO (Australian taxation office) urged business owners to adopt SuperStream by end of October 2016. or they will come and be knocking your door.

According to ATO

SuperStream is the way businesses must pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions to super funds. With SuperStream money and data are sent electronically in a standard format.

Source :

With the superStream

  • Single transaction can be complete the contribution
  • It is faster and efficient
  • people can be more reliably linked to their super, reducing lost accounts and unclaimed monies.

James O’Halloran told smart companies website. there are close to 500,000 small businesses are already using SuperStream.

If you are unsure about the SuperStream, please contact your accountant and get everything sorted before the end of this October 2016.

So.. don’t be wait. get onboard with SuperStream and make faster super payments and keep Tax Man away 🙂


Richard Branson says Screw It, Just Do It – Video interview

Sir Richard Branson is one of the top class entrepreneurs of all time.  in one of our previous article we mentioned about How great leaders inspire action and Sir Richard Branson is one of many great business people who crack the code of success. He launched his first startup (Business) at age 15 by printing college magazine.  now he is the owner of Virgin empire.

Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational branded venture capital conglomerate founded by entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Nik Powell.[2] Its core business areas are travel, entertainment and lifestyle, and it also manages ventures in financial services, transport, healthcare, food and drink, media and telecommunications; together, Virgin’s businesses consist of more than 400 companies worldwide.

Source :

In this video. he talk about how to get things done. most people wait for the right time and always finds something to tell to hide their fear f doing something. However, according to Richard Beanson, doing id the only way forward.

10 Time management tips for everyday business owners

If you are running s Small business in Australia, you really need to manage your time.Time Management is one of the key elements of running a business. if you have a great business idea and you think you can make it happen, then you should start it by still working on your day Job. when you start a business while you work on your day job, your time is the most valuable item of your new business.  If you manage your time correctly, you will end up going to a your business full time.

We found a good video by Entrepreneur website. this video explain time management hacks for you to start following straightaway.  Video explains 10 time management hacks you can practice in your business and work life.

Here are some of the great tips from video.

  • Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts
  • Allocate time for each task
  • Spend 50% of your time for thoughts and engagement of the work while spending it
  • Spend first 30 min of the day to plan your whole day
  • Put your phone away.. Yes… it will save lot of time..
  • Do the important and time consuming tasks first

Ted talk that every business owner must watch

As we all know Ted Talk’s are the most impressive video archive for Business owners and anyone wants to study about society and human behavior.  as a business start-up news website, we always like to get motivated and give the most value to our audience. below Ted talk from Simon Sinek rated as one of the most influential Ted talk ever. this video changes the life of Simon Sinek too. The video has 28 Million so far from official websites and I saw this video few other places too.

Why is  this Ted Talk important?

This Ted talk is important for few reasons. most importantly it’s topic is How great leaders inspire action and in the context of the video Simon Sinek talks about the great people like Martin Luther King and  wright brothers who been able to make an impact of the world . Moreover, Simon talks about how Apple and Nike communicate with their audience and Why people buy products from them.

In this Video, Simon talks about his finding of Golden Circle. The Golden circle is basically a three layers of the human brain.  However, Simon find out most smart people and smart companies also communicate as this Golden Circle.




  • What – All the businesses are aware of what are they doing (May be few don’t know). simply these are the products and services they sell.  If your running a Coffee shop, Supplying Food is what you do.
  • How – Also, We all know, how to do it. and some businesses know how to do it better than others. If you know how to do it better than others, it might give you a slight advantage.
  • Why – This is the most important part, only few people knows Why they do it.. every one might say. we all do business to make money. but, we all know making money isn’t why we get in to business. you can make money by doing a 9 – 5 Job. we all start a business because we need do something better to our-self and something to the society.  If you can find out Why you started in the first place and If, you can communicate that to the clients. you have a big chance of succeeding.

How to dress for a Business Meeting ? (Infographic)

Most people will argue, that these days it’s not about how you dress and it’s all about what you can do. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple founder Steve Jobs go anywhere with simple black or grey color t-shirt and denim jeans.
However, what you need to realize is, you are not the owner of Facebook or Apple, you are still required to give the best first impression you can produce when you attending a business meeting. You need to bring you’re A-game when you preparing for a new business meeting. You’re going to meet the people who are going to write you a cheque each month. They need to see how bad you need their business.

Forbes Video

If you are the buyer, you don’t need to think about the dress at all. However, as long as you are getting money from other people, you need to be the smartest guy in the room.
Always dress for success, when you meet a new Client or meet business connection for the first time.
We found a very good infographic created by to illustrate the best and suitable ways to dress for a business meeting. It’s a two part infographic with sections for Dress for Men and Dress for women. for the women also the same rules applies as men. But they also need to consider a bit more about the make-up and the appropriate perfume. There is a fine line between a make-up of night party and a business meeting.
However, depends on your industry and how friendly is your client. you still have a very good choices of dresses to choose from. Overdressing will never lost you anything, but under dressing may be affecting for the end result of  a meeting.
When your business gets bigger like Apple or Facebook and most of people in your industry knows you. You can choose a whatever dress you want and keep wearing it every day 🙂

We also found a very Good Youtube video related this topic.


How to dress for a Business Meeting
How to dress for a Business Meeting

How stressed you really are ?

Stress is something every business owner has. sometime it is get you going and some time it might break you down. this flowchart will help you to identify how stress are you.

What is Stress ?

Stress is a natural human response to pressure when faced with challenging and sometimes dangerous situations. That pressure is not only about what’s happening around us, but often also about demands we place on ourselves. Experiencing stress is part of being alive and some stress helps increase our alertness and energy to meet challenging situations. If stress lasts a long time or overwhelms our ability to cope, it can have a negative affect on our health, wellbeing, relationships, work and general enjoyment of life. Stress doesn’t have to control our lives. We can improve our knowledge about stress and increase our resources to become more resilient. Here are some tips about what to look for and how to help yourself or get help.

Source :
Stress Flow chart