Facebook Job posting feature might kill seek.com.au

The Facebook introduced theirs Job Posting feature today. In a news article post by Facebook website (https://www.facebook.com/business/news/take-the-work-out-of-hiring) they said.

We know that finding the right talent can be a challenge. 40% of US small businesses report that filling jobs was harder than they expected, which is surprising when you consider that these small businesses also employ nearly half of the country’s workforce.

We’re focused on building new ways to help make it easier for businesses to interact with the over 1 billion people visiting Pages every month. Businesses and individuals already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook.


Impact on seek.com.au and other job sites

The rollout started in the USA and will be launch in Australia and rest of the world soon. A few months ago Facebook launch it’s marketplace, and now it’s growing faster. Websites like gumtree.com.au and eBay are getting a direct hit from the Facebook marketplace. So, is this new Job feature going to have an adverse impact on seek.com.au and other famous job sites in Australia?

Planet of the Apps – Australia ???

Apple’s new Shark Tank style reality tv show, Planet of the Apps is coming soon. It is a different kind of a show. It will not go on air on the TV. It will be available on the iTunes.

Who are the Judges of Planet of the Apps?

There will be 4 Judges and four investors in the program. Firstly start-ups entrepreneurs need to pitch their new app to 4 judges in 30 seconds. This panel will include Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, and will.i.am. Apple create this group with very social infuvential business people. Having 2 actresses and 1 global music producer / singer is a smart move by apple.

Is their will be a Planet of the Apps Australia?

Who knows, since our boring TV channels copy every possible USA TV show. one of our idealess TV channel may copy the program and launch Planet of the Apps Australia. let’s hope it’s not going to happen.

AUSkey fraud alert by ATO

Australian Taxation office released a news post saying. They have discovered an identity fraud related to Aus Key.

Below is the message from ATO.

We have recently detected cases of identity thieves fraudulently obtaining AUSkeys linked to legitimate businesses. Once an Auskey has been allocated, access is gained to the Business Portal so that fraudulent BAS can be lodged and bank details updated to accounts that are not controlled by the entity.

You can read the full ATO fraud alert notice here https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/General/AUSkey-fraud-alert/?sbnews20170201

How to know, you are compromised?

Take the following steps to protect your business and to ensure your identity has not been compromised:

  • check access manager to understand who in your business has AUSkey access and that their level of access is appropriate to their role
  • remove access for employees who no longer work for you
  • check the financial institution and contact details you have recorded with us are correct

We also like to suggest. keep a separate computer to access your ATO login and only connect it to the internet when you using it to access your ATO portal.

Bunnings opens first UK store

Australia’s top hardware store Bunnings opened it’s first UK store last weekend. finally fellow UK residents can taste great Australian Sausage sizzle.

news.com.au reporting the UK’s first Bunnings store opening

In 2016 Wesfarmers purchased 265 retail stores of UK’s home improvement giant Homebase. They paid $700 million for all the stores.

In a statement, Wesfarmers said the store will stock over 30,000 products and will include the famous “fundraising sausage sizzle”.

Dream breakfast #bunningssausage #bunnings

A photo posted by Alana Lazdins (@a.laz) on

“A second Bunnings Warehouse store in Hatfield Road, St. Albans will open in April and we are on track to have at least four pilots up and running by the summer. We are laying strong foundations on which to build the Bunnings Warehouse business in the UK and Ireland for generations to come,” Davis said.

Source : SmartCompany

The world’s first augmented reality Car dealership by BMW (BMW AR APP)

BMW launches the world’s first augmented reality car dealership. People can view all the cars in front of them and their private space. The AR app comes with so many features like changing the interior and exterior colors, Opening doors and much more.

“In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualisation is the next best thing,” said BMW executive Andrea Castronovo.

BMW plans to release this app via Google Play app store, as soon as they finished with the testing. It will allow anyone to conjure up a car from anywhere in the world.

The BMW announcement comes as the giant annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a showcase for car technology in recent years, opens in Las Vegas on Thursday.

BMW keep inventing new ideas and make them live faster than other car manufactures. Below are some high tech apps from BMW.


Payless Shoes collapses again – Story behind the drama

Famous shoe retail company Payless Shoes has stepped into the voluntary administration. However, their stores continue to trade as normal according to smartcompany.com.au

History of Payless Shoes

Payless Shoes started the business in 1980, and it was operated under voluntary administration before. They have around 130 stores across Australia and looks like they face the same financial problem again.

Last time it was sold to a US buyer name Payless Shoe Source in early 2013. This acquisition happened just after the company went into voluntary administration in 2012.

Earlier this month we announced about the three more brands are filing bankruptcy before the Christmas. It is very hard to find a reason why fashion retailers are going bust just before the biggest shopping season of the year.

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Pumpkin Patch collapses into receivership, Good luck with your Gift cards.

Nasty Gal files for bankruptcy – Sophia Amorusos resigning as executive chairwoman

American Apparel files for bankruptcy again

Current situation

Payless Shoes voluntary administration conducted by Ferrier Hodgson. In a statement, they mentioned below.
The administrators are yet to determine the main causes of the company’s current financial situation but immediately called for expressions of interest from potential buyers to purchase the business as a going concern. Source: SmartCompanies.com.au.

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The company employee more than 850 employees. These employees might concern about their jobs moving forward. We hope the 36-year-old Australian shoe business will continue under a new owner soon.

Uber Eats Booking fee – coming to Sydney

Yes. It’s coming to Sydney now. Uber Eats start to charge a booking fee for Uber Eats in Melbourne, and now they are introducing it to Sydney.

Today they announce it on their App using a very creative message. According to the message, from 23rd of November 2016 Uber going to charge a Booking Fee.  The Booking Fee will be a major setback for the sales and UberEats will suffer a lot.

Yes, it does save time for you and If you are rich enough, it is the best take away method available.

Source : UberEats app
Source: UberEats app

we wrote an article about UberEats and you can view that article here.

Apple’s first Book for Apple Fans – Called Designed by Apple in California

Today Apple announced their now Book “Design by Apple in California.” It is a photo book with all the apple products and some insight into the design work. Apple says “New Photo Book Tells the Story of Design at Apple.”

The book will have two sizes. One is Small : 
Starts at $199 (US) in small (10.20” x 12.75”)
 and Large 
Starts at $299 (US) in large (13” x 16.25”)
. It is available in Australia and you can buy online http://www.apple.com/au/designed-by-apple/


Design by apple book
Source : Apple.com

It contains 450 photographs with the 20 years of Apple designs. It covers 1998 First iMac to 2015 Apple Pencil. Also, the book dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs. As we all know, Steve Jobs influence and guidance can visualize in most of the Apple product designs.

All the products in the ebook are turning points of Apple journey. According to Apple it’s a collaboration of different teams. All the phones take by famous photographer Andrew Zuckerman.  It gives a real insight into the whole design process of Apple.

Design by apple book 3
Source : Apple.com

“Designed by Apple in California” is available in two sizes and printed on specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost ink. This linen-bound, hardcover volume was developed over an eight-year period.
Source : http://www.apple.com/newsroom/2016/11/designed-by-apple-in-california-chronicles-20-years-of-apple-design.html


American Apparel files for bankruptcy again

Early this week US-based fashion more retail American Apparel closed the doors for its Australia clients. All the American Apparel shops in Australia are closed. The company filed for bankruptcy for the second time. They filled for bankruptcy in mid-2015 too.

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Companies website said “American Apparel will no longer maintain an online presence in Australia. We would like to express our gratitude to you for your business,”. It is a right lesson for people who are running online fashion businesses.

Related : Pumpkin Patch collapses into receivership 

This news is very alarming to Australian online fashion industry. Since children’s clothing store pumpkin patch and Nasty Gal stop operations and went to file bankruptcy.

In Australia, Kmart is stepping into the fashion industry. With quality garments and different finishing.  Companies like Pumpkin Patch’s hit a huge plunge from Kmart. Kmart prices are the lowest among Australian retail shops. they are selling almost everything.

Nasty Gal files for bankruptcy – Sophia Amorusos resigning as executive chairwoman

Famous women fashion wear company Nasty Gal filled for bankruptcy. The founder and the Forbs top young millionaire Sophia Amoruso talked about the situation at an event held in Melbourne.

The nasty gal was founded in 2006 as an eBay store and then move to retail business. They actively operated outside USA and Australia is one the principal overseas operations.

it’s actually the most responsible thing to do right now, which is just like a bonkers thing to actually consider,” Amoruso told Business Chicks founder Emma Isaacs this morning at the event.

A few weeks ago we reported Australian children retail brand Pumpkin Patch went under and now its Nasty gal. It is a shame to see these online and offline retailers going under just before the best selling season of the year.