The world’s first augmented reality Car dealership by BMW (BMW AR APP)

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BMW launches the world’s first augmented reality car dealership. People can view all the cars in front of them and their private space. The AR app comes with so many features like changing the interior and exterior colors, Opening doors and much more.

“In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualisation is the next best thing,” said BMW executive Andrea Castronovo.

BMW plans to release this app via Google Play app store, as soon as they finished with the testing. It will allow anyone to conjure up a car from anywhere in the world.

The BMW announcement comes as the giant annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a showcase for car technology in recent years, opens in Las Vegas on Thursday.

BMW keep inventing new ideas and make them live faster than other car manufactures. Below are some high tech apps from BMW.


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