UberEats – Everything you need to know about Uber Eats

I have been eating free food for weeks now. Yes, it’s from UberEats, I get $10 (used to be $20) every time someone registers and uses my promo code. Also, people who register gets $10 off from their orders. If you need Uber Eats Promo Code See here: Get $10 Free Uber Eats Code

Is it costly?

I think, this might be the first thing Uber guys ask themselves after they come up with this idea.
Nevertheless, Ye’s it’s costly. I did a bit research. I ordered few burgers from On it burgers. Those burgers are $15 with the delivery. If you visit the store, They will charge around $11 for the same burger. But, with someone delivers the burger to your office, I believe it is worth the money.

How is the Uber eats delivery experience?

I think, Uber got one thing wrong. They had their Uber drivers to deliver food sometimes. If yu are live in any City around the world, you know how hard it is to park your Car. In Sydney, it is almost impossible to find a Car. So, whenever a Uber driver brings my food, I had to go the road and pick it up for them.
However, When a uber delivery person delivers from a bicycle, the story is entirely different. They deliver on time; they are fast, and they come to your office.

How Uber make money? Is it going to last?

As long as I get free Food from my promo code, I don’t think about how Uber makes money :).
If you see my previous example looks like Uber not making any money at all. But. It might be just for now. in Melbourne they introduced a booking Fee of ($5), and they charge premium pricing when it’s a busy time (Same as Uber cars).

Looks lIke some people already, un happy

To my understanding, they will start charging the $5 booking fee everywhere, and the premium price will introduce to all cities. This stage is only a promotional stage, and they don’t think about making money yet.

Pumpkin Patch collapses into receivership, Good luck with your Gift cards.

One of the Australias largest children’s clothing store Pumpkin Patch went into receivership yesterday.

In a statement to the market on Friday, October 21, chairman Peter Schuyt and managing director Luke Bunt said the company’s “ability to move forward from here is impacted by the lack of available capital for debt reduction and reinvestment”.

Yesterday (26th Oct 2016) company announced the news of moving into voluntary administration with considerable regret.

Around 1:30 Pm 26th 2016, Pumpkin Patch Securities was suspended from the New Zealand stock exchange.

According to smart companies. Andrew Grenfell and Conor McElhinney of McGrath Nicol were appointed as voluntary administrators, while the Pumpkin path’s bank appointed Neale Jackson and Brendon Gibson of KordaMentha New Zealand as receivers.

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What happened to gift Card holders?

Whenever a big retail store went to the receivership of voluntary administration, their first move is to stop or ignore Gift cards. We have seen this when Dick Smith went into receivership. However, with Pumpkin Patch, they have decided to accept Gift cards for Dollar to Dollar basis. It mean’s you need to buy $100 of items to use your $50 gift card and pay another $50 cash.

What happens to employees?

Sooner or later there will be Job losses. However, according to the receivers, The staff will be paid for their services and Australian staff will get their entitlements under relevant legislation. All the decision will be in favour of the team.
We think the fall started in 2012 when they exit from UK market. Then in 2015 company tried to sell itself, but never able to close the deal. In 2016 the company reported $20.3 Million loss. It is a sorrowful news for a company with 117 stores across Australia and 42 shops in New Zealand.

Who are the Australian Fintech firms listed in 2016 Global Fintech 100

Australia is one of the fastest Fintech growing hubs in the world. Sydney holds the most of the big names and Sydney has the potential of becoming the Fintech hub of Asia Pacific.

Pay by apple atch
Image Source : http://www.businesscomputingworld.co.uk/

Every year H2 Ventures and KPMG come together and release the “Fintech 100” it’s a list consist of most innovative and fastest growing Fintech companies of the world. Most Fintech companies dream to get into this list, as it enables more opportunities to find investors and more press coverage.

About the Fintech 100 list

“The Fintech100 is a collaborative effort between H2 Ventures and KPMG and analyses the Fintech space globally. The annual report highlights those companies globally that are taking advantage of technology and driving disruption within the financial services industry. A judging panel comprised of H2 Ventures and KPMG was used to decide on the final composition of the Fintech100 list.”
Source : https://h2.vc/reports/fintechinnovators/about/2016/

So, Who are the proud Australian Fintech Firms made into the list?

Establish Australian Fintech companies

  • Prospa (Global ranking: 31)
  • Tyro (Global ranking: 43)
  • Society One (Global ranking: 50)

Emerging Australian Fintech Companies

  • HashChing
  • Afterpay
  • Brighte
  • Data Republic
  • Spriggy

Props founder and Chief executive told StartupSmart “We’re the highest ranking Australian-only business and for us as a company, it’s really satisfying to be leading the charge for the Australian Fintech community,”
Source : http://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/77305-nine-australian-fintechs-recognised-world-leaders-next-tech-giants-stripe-xero-square/

What’s happening in the Fintech World?

China is getting into it – Yes, Chinese Fintech market is growing faster. Three years ago they only had one Fintech firm made into the FIntech 100 list, and now they have 13 companies in the Fintech 100 list. This sis a big move from China and it’s a clear indication that they invest more money in Fintech.

Is smashed avocado really smashing the Australian dream?

Since the recent article by Bernard Salt in the Australian, millennials and the media have been quick to refute claims that smashed avocado is really smashing the Australian dream, but is this tasty fruit really to blame?

Over the past 12-18months there has been a lot of contention around the housing market with talks of property prices escaping prospective buyers with an emphasis on the first timers. But isn’t a rising market what you want from your investment? Yes when you’re sitting on the sidelines it’s not fun to see everyone else making money when you’re not but what’s really stopping millennials from buying property?

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Yes smashed avocado is partly to blame or if we’re being honest it’s the lack of self-discipline but let’s not offend the entitled millennials, let’s blame the helpless fruit because it’s really the problem. If you’re a millennial reading this then yes you heard me, it’s time to start taking some responsibility!

In our parents and grandparents era they didn’t go out every night, they didn’t have the nice car and the nice clothes or the latest phone or live off credit, they didn’t buy the best house either. They saved, they made sacrifices, they worked hard and they started small.

Yes millennials are quick to say it was easier for previous generations which again is yet another excuse and if we look at the facts, in 1975 women weren’t even able to buy property without a husband or their father as the guarantor as banks didn’t take into account a females’ income, the cash rate was at 17.5% and yet today our cash rate is 1.25% but yes, we as millennials are just so hard done by.

Now that’s not to say that millennials don’t have some reason to be complaining, we set our expectations high and we want it all and that’s a good thing. We want more, we demand more and what the real issue behind millennials struggling to get into the property market is the lack of advice and guidance, and in the true millennial spirit I’m going to blame someone else.

Yes it’s not the tasty fruit that’s to blame it’s the education system and the real estate and finance industry at large.

It’s all their fault and let me tell you why.

Links : Mortgage Brokers

Over the past four weeks there were 230,650 listings nationally and yet 75% of financial planners are unable to provide advice on property to due restrictions on their licence, not to mention that no financial planner is able to accept commissions from property, not that this would make them bias towards other investments of course. There is also no financial planner that is able to recommend a specific area to purchase property and whilst you can look at engaging a buyer’s agent you’ll often be stung with having to pay 1-2% of the purchase price for the privilege. No doubt in some areas that fee they paid is worth more now than the property they purchased.

It is evident that there is a lack of advice and guidance in this space and particularly during hard times when markets or personal circumstances change, which are when, you need that advice the most.

Now let’s not forget the governments involvement with the lack of financial education in schools. Whilst I’m so glad that learning about those filmic techniques in movies during English Class has really set me up in life, where were the classes on every day life skills such as how to budget, how to buy a property, how to research an investment, how to calculate the yield or the return on your investment, how to port security through buying and selling at the same time so you can move assets around without applying for new credit or even something as simple as how supply and demand works?

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On that point, the next thing millennials will be missing out on is smashed avocado, why? Similar to what we saw in the housing market, café’s are now discounting their smashed avocado just like the RBA dropped the cash rate to increase demand, but of course the more our peers want something the more we want it too so in true millennial fashion, It doesn’t matter whose to blame as long as I get my smashed avocado and my property portfolio too.

This 23 years old entrepreneur sold 3.3 million worth waist trainers in one year.

In a world, everyone talks about the unemployment rate and how hard it is to get a job these days. This young entrepreneur manages to become a millionaire in one year. News.com.au publish and article today about Lyia Liu, managed to sell 3.3 million worth of waist trainers.

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She manged to get endorsements from Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. She may have to pay them for the endorsements. However, its all count as marketing expenses and smart marketing.

#ad I’m really obsessed with waist training! Thank you @premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

After noticing the waist trainer — a contemporary version of the 16th century corset — on Instagram, she scraped together $5650 ($NZ6000) and ordered a batch from a supplier in China. (news.com.au)

“I thought I’d just sell a few,” Liu said of her decision to stock the waist trainers from the struggling online boutique she’d started as a side project while at uni. “It just grew exponentially,” she told news.com.au

The waist trainer was not her first business, and this wasn’t an overnight success. She struggles to run an online fashion retail business but, didn’t able to keep up with the demand.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to take the leap and “do it while you are young”.

“Entrepreneurs need to take risks, so if you have no liabilities, like a mortgage or children, you can make more flexible decisions without worrying so much about the outcome.”

Article Source : http://www.news.com.au/finance/small-business/meet-the-gen-y-entrepreneur-who-sold-33-million-worth-of-waist-trainers-in-a-year/news-story/cd6b04c48ed8ffef615aa20ffafb1456

Order food and buy tickets directly from Facebook – Game changer for Business Owners

Today Facebook announced the latest add-on to their system. Soon you will be able to order food, Request appointments, Get quotes and buy tickets using Facebook pages of businesses.

From a Facebook newsroom announcement, they mentioned about the new changes. New changes will be active in the US from today and will roll out in Australia after few weeks.

Source : Facebook
Source : Facebook

Order food: You can now order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook Pages. Just click “Start Order” on any restaurant’s Facebook Page that uses Delivery.com or Slice.

Request an appointment: For local businesses that require you to book an appointment, such as spas and salons, you can now request a time via the business’ Facebook Page and view their entire slate of services and offerings. They’ll then get back to you on Messenger to confirm your appointment.

Get a quote: Some local business Pages will now have a “Get Quote” button at the top that lets you easily and quickly requests a quote from the firm.

Get tickets to movies and events: For many new movies this fall, you can buy movie tickets straight from their Facebook Pages via Fandango. In partnership with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, we’re also making it possible for people to get tickets to other events — free or paid — directly from the event page on Facebook.

What does this mean for your business?

If you are running a store or shop, Which required to take orders, appointments or provide quotations. You don’t need to have high-end websites anymore. Facebook will handle all the technicality of it.

For most Australian businesses, Facebook already did a quite amazing job by generating traffic and allowing reviews. Caompair to Google Adwords, Facebook’s cost per click is very lower. However, Facebook not for all the businesses. If you are running a B2B business, then you have to go for a more sophisticated and more targetted advertising like Google AdWords.

Why house prices are going down?

Article by :


Stephanie Brennan | www.stephaniebrennan.com.au | 19.10.2016

There has been a lot of hype in recent times on the property market and the ‘inflated’ house prices with talks of the housing ‘bubble’ bursting, but what does this all mean?

Let’s take a look at the Australian housing market as a whole you through the September 2016 report released by Core Logic:

  • Combined capital city home values increased by 1.0% in September with values rising in all capital cities except for Perth and Darwin
  • Home values were 2.9% higher over the three months to September 2016 with home values in Brisbane, Perth and Darwin falling over the quarter
  • Over the first nine months of 2016, capital city home values have increased by 8.6% and Perth and Darwin are the only cities in which values have fallen
  • Over the past 12 months, combined capital city home values have increased by 7.1% which is up from a recent low of 6.1% at the end of July
  • Across the individual capital cities, the annual change in home values have been recorded at +10.2% in Sydney, +9.0% in Melbourne, +3.0% in Brisbane, +6.5% in Adelaide, -7.0% in Perth, +8.7% in Hobart, -6.0% in Darwin and +9.0% in Canberra
  • Capital city house values have increased by 7.3% over the past year compared to a 6.1% increase in unit values

Source : dailymail.co.uk

So why are house prices going down? If you look at the above figures these are the average across all major cities, meaning that some areas within those cities have experienced higher and lower growth with the average having increased in value over the past 12 months.

So what causes house prices to drop in value? The main factor is supply verse demand. Let’s take a closer look at Brisbane for example. House prices at the moment are increasing, however unit prices are falling due to an oversupply of property with a lack of population growth to outweigh the number of new properties coming onto the market. This not only means the new unit market is devalued but the existing unit market.

So why are house prices in Brisbane increasing if unit prices are falling? The value of land within 5-10kms of the CBD has been increasing over the last 12 months to due developers looking to built units or townhouse on that land and paying a premium for it. This was of course before the banks started to reign in their lending with developers due to an increased risk on their ability to recoup their funds. The other factor driving housing growth in that for an additional $100,000+ more you can buy a 3-4-bedroom house rather than a 1-bedroom unit so purchasers are seeing more value for money in houses over units.

Let’s take a look at why the Perth & Darwin housing market dropped. The short answer is a lack of demand due to limited growth factors such as population growth. There were a number of investors that bought into the Perth market at the time of the mining boom however when you’re looking to invest you need to ensure the area you’re investing in has multiple growth indicators not just one as we’ve seen in Perth. If you rely on one growth indicator, as soon as that reason for growth becomes removed there is no longer anything driving growth and so your investment becomes devalued.


This is the same with investors that purchase in rural areas across Australia. The majority of people want to live within 10-20kms of a major city. Melbourne but more so Sydney have the population growth to sustain consistent capital growth, which is what we are seeing now.

Let’s touch on another reason why house prices may be going down even if the average house price is going up. This occurs when properties are bought substantially over market value, which usually result from an owner-occupier buying at an auction. Investors will always have a limit at an auction because their focus is gaining a Return on Investment (ROI) meaning the numbers need to stack up. Whereas the Owner Occupier are making an emotional investment and are willing to pay top dollar for their dream home but that’s not to say the open market will also want to pay top dollar which is why we see some house prices dropping in areas or cities where house prices are increasing.

Tip: If you’re a first homebuyer and you’re looking to get into the property market, look at properties that are being sold by private treaty and aren’t going to auction. Set your limit particularly if you’re buying to invest rather than to live.

Tip: For the investor that has a property in a housing market that’s decreasing, if you have the rental income to support the current debt on the unit then look to hold. Alternatively, if your rental doesn’t cover the mortgage/expenses or you’re looking for greater growth, you can look to buy and sell at the same time by transferring the current debt on your property directly onto the next property in a better area. Speak to your bank or broker about porting the security and the best way to implement this.


Adopt SuperStream by the end of October to ensure the Australian Tax Office doesn’t come knocking on your door

ATO (Australian taxation office) urged business owners to adopt SuperStream by end of October 2016. or they will come and be knocking your door.

According to ATO

SuperStream is the way businesses must pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions to super funds. With SuperStream money and data are sent electronically in a standard format.

Source : https://www.ato.gov.au/Super/SuperStream/

With the superStream

  • Single transaction can be complete the contribution
  • It is faster and efficient
  • people can be more reliably linked to their super, reducing lost accounts and unclaimed monies.

James O’Halloran told smart companies website. there are close to 500,000 small businesses are already using SuperStream.

If you are unsure about the SuperStream, please contact your accountant and get everything sorted before the end of this October 2016.

So.. don’t be wait. get onboard with SuperStream and make faster super payments and keep Tax Man away 🙂


Why this women awarded $300,000 by Kmart Australia – Chair incident

Lessons to learn from Kmart chair incident.

Most retail businesses need to be very causes of health and safety of employees and customers. if something went wrong, they could end up in caught and  they will be fined by the court.

Today, smh.com.au reported about a woman (Julie Ann Lewis ) who awarded $300,000 by Kmart for the incident happened in the Kmart Store.


Lewis was sitting on a chair inside Kmart while she’s waiting for her pictures to be printed. However, those chairs are display chairs and they were not supposed to sit. many people sit on the chairs while they wait for pictures to be printed.

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unfortunately, the chair she was sitting on suddenly gave away with one of the bag legs snapping off entirely. According to smh.com.au

“All of a sudden I went down,” Lewis told the court.

Lewis filed a case against Kmart for breaching its own store policies and duty of care. She was awarded $300,000 in damages, to go towards on her medical bills and future wage loss.

Since we have so many Small business owners reading this website. we would like to remind you of having relevant insurance policies in place and taken extra care of clients.

Also, as an SME owner, you should be careful of  Unfair Dismissal and other employee related matters too. always review employee wages and make sure you are paying them the correct amount and make sure their health and safty is number one.


This man successfully sues Domino’s over pizza order and received $1203.27

According to the to the Daily Telegraph. NSW man got paid $12,000  for a Pizza order never arrived.

Meet the man who took on the pizza conglomerate and won.
Meet the man who took on the pizza conglomerate and won.

Tim Driscoll, went online and ordered 3 Pizza from Dominos on Anzac day. he waited , waited and waited.. Food never arrived.  When he called the store, guy said. they been busy and money will be refunded. However money never refunded to him.

“They kept saying they were looking into it but after 12 months of fobbing me off with ‘we’ll get back to you’, I thought I had to bring it to a head,” Mr Driscoll toldThe Daily Telegraph.

Tim is not like one of many Australians who forget the less amount or just leave a Bad comment on Dominos Facebook Page. He went to court and successfully sues Dominos. However, Domino’s accused Mr Driscoll of wasting the court’s time and said it intends to apply to have the judgment overturned.

Dominos Spoke person said to Smart Company

“We are disappointed and embarrassed to hear that we have let down a pizza loving customer,” a spokesperson said.

At Domino’s if a customer is not completely satisfied with their experience, we will replace and or refund their order. Obviously in this instance we have failed the customer and we will work on making the necessary improvements to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”