Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on training staff at McDonalds : Channel 7 NEWS

Yes, you read it correctly. Every year millions of taxpayer money spent on training McDonalds staff and other big corporations. Today publish an article and Channel 7 also reviled this.

NSW government has given  million of Tax payer (Small business owners & hard working people) money  to train their staff.

Green reveals that NSW government paid $1,809,485 to Mc Donalds to train their staff under vocational education and training.  Green request this information under the freedom of information facility/Act.

mc donalds tax scam
mc Donald’s TAX story : 7 News

According to

Government funding for vocational training is contestable, meaning the public provider TAFE has to compete with private providers for government funding. NSW embraced the funding model after it was introduced in Victoria.

Funny thing is, State government cut funding to TAFe, because they need to keep give money to McDonalds. NSW teachers federation president said to channel 7 it was time to put a cap on the amount of public money being handed to these multi-million organizations.

since the news break the media today. the Labour spokesmen for skill and training said Government could afford to provide money to McDonalds to train its staff “Surely they can afford to stop sacking our TAFE teachers”

Below is the list of corporations getting paid by NSW government to train their own staff.

Private Provider payments for contestable vocational education and training in the 2015/16 financial year:

Vision Training Institute Pty Ltd: $4,680,901.44

Wise Education Group Limited: $4,488,566.77

Benchmark Resources Pty Ltd: $3,149,824.14

ASH Pty Ltd: $3,141,455.59

United World College Pty Ltd: $3,063,138.15

Reach for Training Pty Ltd: $3,050,883.26

Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd: $2,736,018.92

NSW Dept of Primary Industries: $2,596,405.23

Australian College of Commerce: $2,425,203.79

Training Specialists (Australia): $1,991,110.47

Train Australia Pty Ltd: $1,903,039.18

Mcdonald’s Australia Ltd: $1,809,485.67

Verto Ltd: $1,701,285.84

Australian Retailers Association: $1,622,800.61

Novaskil I: $1,606,382.27

Applied Training Solutions Pty Ltd: $1,555,209.26

TSA The Training Company: $1,531,804.64

Acacia Group Ltd: $1,495,635.61

Enterprise & Training Company Ltd: $1,469,517.27

Masters in Building Training P/L: $1,398,161.54

Learning Sphere Training Solutions: $1,340,497.03

Hume Learning Institute Pty Ltd: $1,275,917.73

Response Consulting Australia: $1,263,049.14

Illawarra Area Child Care Ltd: $1,214,463.32

Macquarie Employment Training: $1,110,941.36

The Quality Training Company Pty: $1,079,123.78

NSW Health: $1,029,974.01

Source: NSW Government figures obtained by NSW Greens through freedom of information

Melbourne Launches World-Class Free Wi-Fi Network

The victorian government released a statement announcing the Free WiFi network rolled out around the Melbourne city.

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade Philip Dalidakis joined City of Melbourne’s Chief Digital Officer Michelle Fitzgerald at Southern Cross Station to announce the first of many Wi-Fi access points to be rolled-out across Melbourne as part of the Andrews Labor Government’s $11 million Victorian Free Wi-Fi Pilot.

Source :

Free WiFi in Melb
Free WiFi in Melb

Once the Free WiFi network is finished it will cover around 600,000 square meters across three cities.  the network has been running in Bendigo and Ballarat areas since December 2015. According to t he minister, the quality of the Free WiFi network will  equivalent to  the Wi-Fi networks of New York, London and San Francisco.

This project is going to be a 5 year project to cover all 600,000 square meters. an interactive map of active access points is available at


Richard Branson says Screw It, Just Do It – Video interview

Sir Richard Branson is one of the top class entrepreneurs of all time.  in one of our previous article we mentioned about How great leaders inspire action and Sir Richard Branson is one of many great business people who crack the code of success. He launched his first startup (Business) at age 15 by printing college magazine.  now he is the owner of Virgin empire.

Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational branded venture capital conglomerate founded by entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Nik Powell.[2] Its core business areas are travel, entertainment and lifestyle, and it also manages ventures in financial services, transport, healthcare, food and drink, media and telecommunications; together, Virgin’s businesses consist of more than 400 companies worldwide.

Source :

In this video. he talk about how to get things done. most people wait for the right time and always finds something to tell to hide their fear f doing something. However, according to Richard Beanson, doing id the only way forward.

10 Time management tips for everyday business owners

If you are running s Small business in Australia, you really need to manage your time.Time Management is one of the key elements of running a business. if you have a great business idea and you think you can make it happen, then you should start it by still working on your day Job. when you start a business while you work on your day job, your time is the most valuable item of your new business.  If you manage your time correctly, you will end up going to a your business full time.

We found a good video by Entrepreneur website. this video explain time management hacks for you to start following straightaway.  Video explains 10 time management hacks you can practice in your business and work life.

Here are some of the great tips from video.

  • Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts
  • Allocate time for each task
  • Spend 50% of your time for thoughts and engagement of the work while spending it
  • Spend first 30 min of the day to plan your whole day
  • Put your phone away.. Yes… it will save lot of time..
  • Do the important and time consuming tasks first

Introducer Login for Westpac, NAB and ING Direct

Most banks are running Introducer pages for their Brokers and whoever bring new business to them. If you are a Broker or Introducer os one of big banks, here are the Introducer Login pages for each big banks.

Westpac Introducer Login – Login Here

Nab Introducer Login –  Login Here

INGDirect Introducer Login – Login Here

These introducer programs are provide lot of benefits for brokers to stay touch with their banks. here are the few benifits mentioned by Nab Introducer Login page.

  • It’s good for your clients. With a range of products available, they’re sure to find one that suits them – with an experienced NAB Banker providing expert advice suited to their individual needs and excellent customer service.

  • It’s good for you, too. By making a referral that is right for your clients, you’ll be able to strengthen the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. And we’ll also pay a one-off commission for referrals that lead to a drawn-down loan with us2.

  • It’s easy. If you’re having a conversation and think we might be able to help – whether that’s a home loan, business loan, or any other lending – put them in touch with us. We’ll take it from there – but you’ll still enjoy the benefits.

Ted talk that every business owner must watch

As we all know Ted Talk’s are the most impressive video archive for Business owners and anyone wants to study about society and human behavior.  as a business start-up news website, we always like to get motivated and give the most value to our audience. below Ted talk from Simon Sinek rated as one of the most influential Ted talk ever. this video changes the life of Simon Sinek too. The video has 28 Million so far from official websites and I saw this video few other places too.

Why is  this Ted Talk important?

This Ted talk is important for few reasons. most importantly it’s topic is How great leaders inspire action and in the context of the video Simon Sinek talks about the great people like Martin Luther King and  wright brothers who been able to make an impact of the world . Moreover, Simon talks about how Apple and Nike communicate with their audience and Why people buy products from them.

In this Video, Simon talks about his finding of Golden Circle. The Golden circle is basically a three layers of the human brain.  However, Simon find out most smart people and smart companies also communicate as this Golden Circle.




  • What – All the businesses are aware of what are they doing (May be few don’t know). simply these are the products and services they sell.  If your running a Coffee shop, Supplying Food is what you do.
  • How – Also, We all know, how to do it. and some businesses know how to do it better than others. If you know how to do it better than others, it might give you a slight advantage.
  • Why – This is the most important part, only few people knows Why they do it.. every one might say. we all do business to make money. but, we all know making money isn’t why we get in to business. you can make money by doing a 9 – 5 Job. we all start a business because we need do something better to our-self and something to the society.  If you can find out Why you started in the first place and If, you can communicate that to the clients. you have a big chance of succeeding.

How to dress for a Business Meeting ? (Infographic)

Most people will argue, that these days it’s not about how you dress and it’s all about what you can do. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple founder Steve Jobs go anywhere with simple black or grey color t-shirt and denim jeans.
However, what you need to realize is, you are not the owner of Facebook or Apple, you are still required to give the best first impression you can produce when you attending a business meeting. You need to bring you’re A-game when you preparing for a new business meeting. You’re going to meet the people who are going to write you a cheque each month. They need to see how bad you need their business.

Forbes Video

If you are the buyer, you don’t need to think about the dress at all. However, as long as you are getting money from other people, you need to be the smartest guy in the room.
Always dress for success, when you meet a new Client or meet business connection for the first time.
We found a very good infographic created by to illustrate the best and suitable ways to dress for a business meeting. It’s a two part infographic with sections for Dress for Men and Dress for women. for the women also the same rules applies as men. But they also need to consider a bit more about the make-up and the appropriate perfume. There is a fine line between a make-up of night party and a business meeting.
However, depends on your industry and how friendly is your client. you still have a very good choices of dresses to choose from. Overdressing will never lost you anything, but under dressing may be affecting for the end result of  a meeting.
When your business gets bigger like Apple or Facebook and most of people in your industry knows you. You can choose a whatever dress you want and keep wearing it every day 🙂

We also found a very Good Youtube video related this topic.


How to dress for a Business Meeting
How to dress for a Business Meeting

UberEat and get your FREE $20 promo code

If you based in Sydney and close to the city, you might already order from UberEats. it is an App from famous ride-share company Uber.

Basically, the App allows you to order from various signed restaurants closer to you and they deliver the food using uber riders.

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Currently, they introduced Promo code to get Free $20 worth of food by referring people to the App. normally both referrer and receiver both get $20 on their UberEat account and they can use $20 to order food.

Uber used this method to their Uber Taxi and it really worked. most silicon valley companies like DropBox use this method to gain faster user registrations. UberEarts spending average $40 to gain new register using this method.

Get Uber eat coupon code

How stressed you really are ?

Stress is something every business owner has. sometime it is get you going and some time it might break you down. this flowchart will help you to identify how stress are you.

What is Stress ?

Stress is a natural human response to pressure when faced with challenging and sometimes dangerous situations. That pressure is not only about what’s happening around us, but often also about demands we place on ourselves. Experiencing stress is part of being alive and some stress helps increase our alertness and energy to meet challenging situations. If stress lasts a long time or overwhelms our ability to cope, it can have a negative affect on our health, wellbeing, relationships, work and general enjoyment of life. Stress doesn’t have to control our lives. We can improve our knowledge about stress and increase our resources to become more resilient. Here are some tips about what to look for and how to help yourself or get help.

Source :
Stress Flow chart