What is the expected purchase price?

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How much deposit do you have?


What best describes your home buying situation?


How will the property be used?


Have you been pre-approved?


Have you exchanged contracts?


What is the expected settlement date?

How would you like to repay the loan?


What is your current credit history?

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What is your employment type?


Do you have 2 years of Tax Returns or ATO Notice of Assessment Available? Yes, I doNo, We still have options


Are any of the following important to you when choosing a lender?

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Missing image Offset


An offset account is a transaction account linked to your loan. You can put additional money in this account to offset what you owe on the loan, this reduces the amount of interest you pay on the loan overall. You can still access your funds at any time.

Missing image Redraw


A home loan with a redraw facility allows you to withdraw any extra money you've repaid. This means that if you ever make additional repayments on your loan, you can withdraw that money when you need it. Using extra savings to pay off your loan will reduce the monthly interest owing on your account, as it is calculated off the remainder of your loan.

Missing image Major Lender
Missing image Mobile app

We define the minimum features for a mobile app to include:

- the ability to check your balance

- transfer funds functionality


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