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Business Loans

Whether you are starting a business, funding growth or managing cash-flow, lenders can help you meet the financial needs of your business. A business loan could be the perfect solution if you don’t want to invest all of your own personal savings, are unable to find additional investors or simply prefer the benefits of control that sole-ownership gives you over your business and it’s finances. Receiving upfront capital for business purposes creates a debt that your company is obligated to repay over time according to the terms and conditions of the loan. It is important to know how repayments may be impacted over the loan period by vital details such as whether the loan is secured or unsecured, and if the interest rate is fixed or variable.

Labour Hire

Labour hire companies can quickly provide outsourced workers that are reliable, well-trained and best-suited to a short- or long-term position with a ‘host-employer’. In exchange for a fee, good companies should offer industry-specific expertise, robust screening processes and wide recruitment techniques that ensure workers are appropriately skilled and meet necessary occupational health and safety requirements for your worksite. Beyond taking care of the entire hiring process, managing payroll and handling other employee administration, firms should also build strong relationships with both the worker and the client to guarantee that placements are ideal and satisfactory for both parties for the duration of the contract.

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects your business from serious financial hardship that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as legal liabilities, interruptions to operations, employee sickness or injury, natural disasters, cyber security breaches and company vehicle or property theft, damage or loss. Your unique circumstances and the nature of your business will determine the specific business insurance policies and coverage amounts required in the areas that you consider of most risk to you. You can even claim insurance premiums in your tax deductions, provided that premiums go towards protecting your business’s ability to earn income!

Accountants / Bookkeepers

A bookkeeper is a professional that records and analyses daily transactions and manages other financial aspects of your business so that you can keep your focus on core business needs while saving time, money and avoiding negative impacts to your credit. A good bookkeeper should be well-trained and able to provide real time insights and advice on workflow streamlining solutions and simplification of necessary systems such as payroll and taxes. The resulting optimized cashflow should increase profits and will look great to potential lenders or investors if you ever require financial funding in the future. Be sure to work with recommended bookkeepers that are reliable, well-informed, organised, communicate well, prioritise your business and can provide a ‘bigger picture’ oversight of your business financial situation.

Business Lawyers

Business lawyers are attorneys that specialise their practice in legal matters relating to business. This includes buying or selling a business, commercial leases, advice on business structure, taxation, various types of business transactions, intellectual property concerns, handling employee issues and dealing with all kinds of business contracts. When selecting a lawyer, it is important to make sure they are skilled and experienced in the field, and ideally have a strong professional network. A history of results and recommendations from industry clients can ensure that you are placing your legal matters in capable hands. Excellent communication and flexibility in billing options are also ideal. A great business lawyer is essential in keeping your business operating smoothly by making sure that all of the necessary legal matters of your business are handled well.

Business Plans

A business plan is the working blueprint that will allow you to build strong foundations, scale easily, develop a competitive edge in your industry and succeed in being a profitable business. It should be a living guide that you review regularly and develop as your business grows and changes over time. This well-structured plan will show you where to prioritise your time and energy while clearly outlining your business idea, the step-by-step of making it happen and forecasting profits and predicted income streams. This clarity is required when looking to secure funding from potential lenders or investors. Your business plan is more than just a roadmap, it is a tool to help you manage yourself, your employees and your business operations in ways that are aligned to your overall business goals, now and in the future.

Business News

Introducer provide Latest Business News from Australian Small Businesses. We also look at the Fintech News, Trending tech news too. Our vision is to help Australian Business owners most updated information related to Finance, HR, Business Mangment and Information Technology.

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