How to use Craigslist to Market Your Business

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How to use Craigslist to Market Your Business
How to use Craigslist to Market Your Business

Since it was launched in 1996 by Craig Newmark, Craigslist has received about 10 million visits per day, that’s an staggering number that makes Craigslist becomes one of the best places online to advertise a business. Today, many businesses from all over the world who have realized the power of this classified website have used it to advertise their products. When most of new business getting business loans to start theit busineses. this might be a cheaper solution for them.

Craigslist is an ideal platform for both advertisers and consumers looking for products, because it classifies ads by region or city. It also connects service or product providers and consumers in over 300 communities. Finally, mostly there no charge for posting ads on this site. Craigslist Sydney and Craiglist Melbourne are two majour geographical areas in Asuatralia demanded the website.

So if you haven’t used Craigslist to advertise your business, you’re really missing out on a big opportunity to grow. When used properly, Craigslist could be a great asset that can help you gain new customers.

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What Sells on Craigslist

Craigslist is suitable for just about any business, from tutoring services, real estate, car repair, to products like retail ecommerce, consignment goods or wholesale furniture, all can be advertised successfully on Craigslist. Whatever business you are in, whether you’re a product manufacturer, provide direct services or sell products regionally, you can always use Craigslist to grow your business. Promoting a referral partner, a franchise or even an eBay store also can be done easily here. Many affiliates and webmasters also have used Craigslist to get new customers effectively without spending a lot of money on paid advertising.


Understanding Your Market

Craigslist is not a magical platform where you can just post your ad and get thousands of new customers the next day. It requires the right strategies in order to get the expected results.

You should start by determining in which city or cities your ad will be seen. You can easily find cities on Craigslist within your service coverage, these are the cities you need to choose for your ad. However, you should remember that some regions might overlap. For example if you offer a mobile grooming service and you are based in Orange County, California, but you cover an area from LA to San Diego, Craigslist will display your ad in four cities. This means you should manage your posting and messaging schedule in each of these cities in order to maximize your exposure. In case you are offering your service or products nationwide, you even have a greater opportunity to reach more new customers.

You also have to pay attention to the posting rules set by Craigslist in order to avoid any problem. Over posting and spamming are strictly prohibited on this site, and if you violate these rules, your account might even be terminated. These are the rules that make Craigslist an ideal place for people who are looking for products or services, nobody likes to visit a website full of spams.

Obeying these rules doesn’t mean your ads will get a poor exposure, you can still maximize it as long as you have the right strategy in place. As a start, you need to come up with unique ads for each city where you want your ads to be displayed. Then you should create a promotional schedule so you can focus on specific products, then rotate them based on the schedule. You should be careful not to post the same ad within 48 hours, and also to delete your old ads. Most users on Craigslist are quite reactive when they see a business that misuses the system and that usually won’t end well for the business. By using a flagging system, Craigslist is giving the power in the hands of its users to stop the spam.


Creating Your Ads

Creating an ad on Craigslist is really simple, you can simply type in some text, or if you want you can also add images and html tags. But it’s always best to use a direct approach when creating an ad.

For example when you’re trying to sell a property, you should create a text ad that includes images of the property. Fortunately you don’t need to use html to post images on Craigslist, so even though you don’t know html you can still create a great ad that looks attractive. It’s best to minimize your sales pitch and stick to the best specifications that you think can sell the property. Before you create the ad, it’s better if you do a little research to know the important search keywords so potential buyers can easily find your ad. For properties, the significant search keywords are including “condominium”, “three bedrooms” or the like. Regional identifiers like community name and ZIP code are also important.

The search results on Craigslist are first determined by date, and then narrowed down by keyword, so no search algorithm is used. This makes your ad content extremely important for it to gain maximum exposure. Images are important to increase the effectiveness of your ad even though they don’t have any effect on the visibility of your ad on search results.


Tracking Results

When you post ads in different cities for a specific promotion, it’s really important that you keep track of which ads that give the best results for you. This tracking can be done by email, phone or website referral. Each of these tracking mechanism must have a unique element, such as website referral code, phone extension and unique email address. the tracking method you choose should rely on the industry you are in and the usual methods your customers utilize to contact you. One thing lacking on Craigslist is the demographic or tracking data like what you get when you’re selling on eBay, so you have to be smart and creative to make the best use of the available resources in tracking your results.


Using The Forums

Community element is one thing that makes Craigslist so special when compared to its competitors. The forums is the area that has the most traffic in Craigslist. You should use the forums to get in touch with potential buyers and other sellers in order to build a positive image of your business by making good contributions.

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