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I have been eating free food for weeks now. Yes, it’s from UberEats, I get $10 (used to be $20) every time someone registers and uses my promo code. Also, people who register gets $10 off from their orders. If you need Uber Eats Promo Code See here: Get $10 Free Uber Eats Code

Is it costly?

I think, this might be the first thing Uber guys ask themselves after they come up with this idea.
Nevertheless, Ye’s it’s costly. I did a bit research. I ordered few burgers from On it burgers. Those burgers are $15 with the delivery. If you visit the store, They will charge around $11 for the same burger. But, with someone delivers the burger to your office, I believe it is worth the money.

How is the Uber eats delivery experience?

I think, Uber got one thing wrong. They had their Uber drivers to deliver food sometimes. If yu are live in any City around the world, you know how hard it is to park your Car. In Sydney, it is almost impossible to find a Car. So, whenever a Uber driver brings my food, I had to go the road and pick it up for them.
However, When a uber delivery person delivers from a bicycle, the story is entirely different. They deliver on time; they are fast, and they come to your office.

How Uber make money? Is it going to last?

As long as I get free Food from my promo code, I don’t think about how Uber makes money :).
If you see my previous example looks like Uber not making any money at all. But. It might be just for now. in Melbourne they introduced a booking Fee of ($5), and they charge premium pricing when it’s a busy time (Same as Uber cars).

Looks lIke some people already, un happy

To my understanding, they will start charging the $5 booking fee everywhere, and the premium price will introduce to all cities. This stage is only a promotional stage, and they don’t think about making money yet.

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