Toyota Corolla Turns 50 – Say Happy Birth Day

In 5th of November 1966, the first Toyota Corolla went on sale in Japan. For the last 50 years they Toyota sold around 44.3 million Toyota Corollas. It is arguably the most loved car around the globe, and it is the best selling car too.

Toyota Corolla Birth day
Toyota Corolla Birth day

It’s people’s car. We can say it’s a family car too. The core value of Toyota Corolla is to build a superior quality, reliable and durable car.

Australia was the first country to receive exported Corollas. Just 15 arrived in the first shipment in November 1966 and didn’t go on sale until 1967 and the local production of Toyota Corolla started in 1968.

Toyota Corolla is mostly famous for its durability and fuel economy. Compare to other cars with same options and luxury. The price also very low. In most of an Asian countries, the valuve of the Corolla is going head to head with German cars like BMW. Beacuse, they think, being a reliable and easy to maintain car is worth than buying an expensive BMW.