Top 3 Qualities of the Most Successful Sales Professionals by Brian Tracy

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Hello, I’m Brian Tracy, and I have trained more than two million sales people worldwide in sixty nine countries. And I want to tell you the three most important qualities of the highest paid the top 10 percent of business sales people in 32 industries and probably more. They have three qualities.

Top salespeople, top human beings are ambitious.

This is based on exhaustive research.  They have an intense desire to be successful. Now, what does ambitious mean in sales? It means that you want to be the best. It means you want to be in the top 20 percent, the 20 percent of people who earn 80 percent of the money. And if you’re in the top 20 percent, you want to be in the top 10 percent if you want to be highly paid. If you’re truly ambitious, you will really admire people who are successful instead of criticizing or complaining like low performers. Do you look up to and admire and try to be like the very best people? Now, when we say the top 20 percent of sales, people make 80 percent of the sales. My discovery, which changed my life as a young salesman, was that everybody who is in the top 20 percent start in the bottom 20 percent and that anything that hundreds of thousands and millions of other people have done. You can do as well.

I know many of the top salespeople and the top sales trainers in the world. Every one of them starts at the bottom, knocking on doors, cold, calling on the phone or cold calling physically. That’s how they got going. And so, therefore, if you’re struggling at this stage, well, you know that you can upgrade your skills by constantly learning and applying new things, but set as a goal. The goal of becoming one of the top salespeople in your field and never stop until you do.

Learn how to overcome your fears

Now, the second quality of top salespeople is that they learn how to overcome their fears. You see, fear is the greatest single obstacle for success in sales and marketing. Today, there are literally millions of people, tens of millions of people who are sitting behind their keyboard, sending out anonymous messages, hoping that somebody will buy from them because they’re so traumatized at the fear of rejection. So here’s the great rule. And the rule is going for no. Seek out the word no as often as you can. Instead of avoiding it or settling for it or accepting it as a punishment in selling. Be aggressive about getting people to say no because here’s what they found. The more knows that you can trigger by calling on people and asking them if you’re interested in your product or service. The more yes.

As you’re going to get, there’s a direct correlation. I worked for the company sometime ago and we set up a contest and the contest was every day they would do a trial at the end of the day to see how many people could get, how many words no. In their prospecting activities. And the person who came back at the end of the day, who had spoken to enough people or then and gotten the greatest number of no’s would win a small prize. And they did this every day, every week and every month. How do you know what happened over the course of the month as people began to laugh about this, they would go out and they would see how many times they could get people to say, no, I’m not interested. And here’s. But they discovered the person who collected the most no’s in the course of a day, a week or a month also was the highest performing salespeople in every field. So here’s the rule. In order to get rid of the fear, do the thing you fear and the death. If you’re certain, if you’re afraid of rejection if you’re afraid you’re hearing the word no, go out and use the hundred call method. Call on one hundred people and ask them if they’re interested in your product speech to them personally on the phone or face to face and after you’ve spoken to one hundred people as fast as you can. You’ll never be afraid again.

Make a total commitment to success

And the third quality of top salespeople is that they make a total commitment to success. The 80/20 rule applies is the top 20 percent of people make 80 percent of the money. But these are the people who dedicated themselves totally to being successful. Unfortunately, most salespeople, the bottom 80 percent say, well, I’ll try it for a while. And if it works out, I’ll stay in. And if I make some money in a short while and if I make a few sales and so on. So they always mentally have one foot out the door. They’re always kind of looking around for something else. But successful people make a one hundred percent commitment to succeeding. They say, I will be successful no matter what it takes. And they just keep working away until they are. And you know something? It’s inevitable. If you’ll hang in there long enough, you will be successful. Thank you for watching. Now here’s a question what is the one actionable step that you will take based off of what you’ve just learned from this video to achieve your goal? Leave a comment below. And until next time, remember that only you are responsible for your success. No one else.

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