Ted talk that every business owner must watch

As we all know Ted Talk’s are the most impressive video archive for Business owners and anyone wants to study about society and human behavior.  as a business start-up news website, we always like to get motivated and give the most value to our audience. below Ted talk from Simon Sinek rated as one of the most influential Ted talk ever. this video changes the life of Simon Sinek too. The video has 28 Million so far from official websites and I saw this video few other places too.

Why is  this Ted Talk important?

This Ted talk is important for few reasons. most importantly it’s topic is How great leaders inspire action and in the context of the video Simon Sinek talks about the great people like Martin Luther King and  wright brothers who been able to make an impact of the world . Moreover, Simon talks about how Apple and Nike communicate with their audience and Why people buy products from them.

In this Video, Simon talks about his finding of Golden Circle. The Golden circle is basically a three layers of the human brain.  However, Simon find out most smart people and smart companies also communicate as this Golden Circle.




  • What – All the businesses are aware of what are they doing (May be few don’t know). simply these are the products and services they sell.  If your running a Coffee shop, Supplying Food is what you do.
  • How – Also, We all know, how to do it. and some businesses know how to do it better than others. If you know how to do it better than others, it might give you a slight advantage.
  • Why – This is the most important part, only few people knows Why they do it.. every one might say. we all do business to make money. but, we all know making money isn’t why we get in to business. you can make money by doing a 9 – 5 Job. we all start a business because we need do something better to our-self and something to the society.  If you can find out Why you started in the first place and If, you can communicate that to the clients. you have a big chance of succeeding.