Stronger Presence of Amazon’s Book Depository in Australia

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Amazon’s Book Depository announced its major expansion in the Australian market in February 2016 by adding a large number of Australian titles in its collection. Actually since 2005, Book Depository has been opened for the Australian market, but with the addition of more than 25,000 Australian titles, this is the first time Book Depository is really focusing on the Australian market.

Stronger Presence of Amazon's Book Depository in Australia
Stronger Presence of Amazon’s Book Depository in Australia

Not only adding thousands of new titles in its collection, but now it can also ship books from Australia. The shipment itself will be handled by DAI Post, a Melbourne based logistic company, that will be responsible for packing and sending local orders.

Book Depository also has made deals with a number of Australian publishers in order to keep adding its Australian titles. This enables Book Depository to have books from Australian authors available at the time they are released in Australia, so it no longer has to wait until those books are internationally available like how it was before. With customers spreading in 116 different countries, Book Depository is hoping to bring those Australian books to its international customers much sooner without having to wait until they are available in the international market.

It isn’t clear just how much the Australian market expansion affects the annual turnover of Book Depository or how much its sales in Australia has grown in the last few years. But the group managing director of Book Depository, Chris McKee does indicate that Book Depository is growing as a whole. Furthermore McKee added that Book Depository had 12 million books on sale last years, while this year the number has increased to 14 million books. One of the main factors that contributes to its sales improvement is because it can offer free shipping, it also offers various currencies to better serve its international customers.

Looks like many local online booksellers are quite happy with this development. The chief executive of Booktopia, Tony Nash, expressed how he has been preparing his business to anticipate when Amazon is finally having a stronger local presence in Australia. He also said that his business has a great presence in the local market and it’s growing significantly every year, around 30%-40%. However, Nash added that bricks and mortar bookstores may not be too excited about Book Depository peenetrates deeper to the local market.

Some of these conventional bookstores might have to struggle as Amazon Book Depository will take over some of the extra edge of orders from them. However, of course there are bookstores that can still prosper. These are good bookstores that always add value to the sales process. These extra values might be on price, bonuses or friendly service.

There is no doubt that there will be a reaction in the local book market due to the increased presence of Book Depository in Australia. But in the end, the customers will get the most benefits from greater competition between retailers. It’s always best to give more choices to the customers and this competition will also make retailers try to provide better services to their customers.

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