3 Small businesses ideas you can start today in Australia

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Why people search for Small business ideas.? We all like to quit our boring 9-5 Job and start our own Business. This is not a new trend or any misleading thought. as human beans, we are programmed to try new things and achieve success. However, this economy and world make us do a Job that we don’t like and make someone get richer.

So what is the Solution?

Start your own business in Australia
Start your own business in Australia

Starting your own business is the most simple answer. but with a lack of experience and risk of failure, many people afraid to get into a business.

Starting small and part-time business is the most suitable way to start. because you can still keep your full-time job and work on your business on weekends
What are the three businesses you can Jump start now in Australia?

01. Home Tutor

Since you are working at an Office, you should be an expert of some industry. mostly If you are working in an office you should be good at Maths or English. Many parents don’t have time for help their children with their homework. because they are too busy, doesn’t have much knowledge or coming from different cultural or education backgrounds. Therefore become a private tutor may be a good idea.

How to find work?
It is very easy. go to Gumtree.com.au and post a Free Ad. you will be surprised to see hoe much response you get from a short period of time.

02. Start a Cleaning Business

You might think. Oh god. I don’t want to be a cleaner. or Can’t make much money. It’s totally wrong. cleaners get average $25 – $45 per hour If they are running their own business.

So How to get more Business?

Airtasker cleaning
Airtasker cleaning jobs

Like mention in earlier Gumtree also a good idea. however, Airtasker is the most rewardable way to find cleaning jobs in your area. you can see all the available cleaning requests on Airtasker App. Best thing is with Airtasker, you can work for your PayPal account and don’t need to have an ABN (As per today 26.08.2016). People posting Ads for cleaning and they Offer $100 to clean 2 bedroom house.

03. Start an Online retail Store

Online retail business is one of the fastest growing business in Australia because more and more people start shopping from their home. With fast and reliable post with Australia Post, you can start online retail business right away.

There are two solutions. You can import items from china directly and re-sell them to Australian buyers. you need to have a strong niche to sell and spend some money to develop the website and shipping materials. E-commerce Stores like Shopify and Bigcommerce provide fast and cheaper e-commerce solutions to start-up businesses.

If you don’t have enough money to import items from china. you can look for Drop shipping method. you don’t need to have any items store with you. you can get the supplier to deliver the items directly from their warehouse to your client. There is a Fiverr Gig that explains a Good Drop shipping system. You can get that book, just for $5 from here.

Here you go, Three Business solutions you can start today. If you really want to quit your job and start your own business. everything not easier as you think. but with dedication and hard work you can start your own business soon. Good Luck.

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