Shark Tank Australia Season 2, Episode 10

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Shark tank Blog article.

Yes, This episode is full of deals and some great products.

Pitch 01:

Pitch one is from You Chews. You chews  Steve Baxter offered her $125,000 for 12.5% equity. she originally offered only 5% of her company.

“I didn’t go on the show thinking I was going to get any money at all, and I was so caught off guard by getting an offer,” Kaelin tells StartupSmart.

After consulting her business partner she said NO Deal to the sharks. it is a bold move from a such a small start-up. then she managed to agree with Baxter for $125,00 for 12.5% of her company.


Pitch 02 :

This pitch is a different one. Thies Crowd property capital is a crowd funded property investment company. they asked for $80,000 for a 20% of their company and value their business at $400,000 valuation.

In their website they said

“Crowd Property Capital Pty Ltd offers project finance via our loan partners to established Australian property developers. We are a non-bank lender providing our investor’s annual distribution rates between 6-12%. “

In their website they mentioned, Sharks hated the concept and they thoud it is bit new to for sharks to invested in.