How To Sell A Fixer-Upper For Its Old House Charm

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Selling a property is never an easy task. Now think about an old house in need of massive renovations. Fixer-Uppers rarely have modern kitchens, spacious bedrooms, or bathrooms with splendid fixtures and faucets. The only way you can make a sale to the audience is if you reach out to the right type of audience. If you were working with a real estate agent, they would have told you some of the tips and insider secrets for a price. We saved you the trouble. Check out the top ways you can sell your Fixer-Upper in least time.

The Right Figure

Make sure that you single out the right price for what your Fixer-Upper is really worth. Some buyers may find your property to meet all their exact requirements but they won’t move forward to approaching you about it because your price is way too high, higher than the range that can be bargained around. There are probably a lot of Fixer-Uppers in the market; it is already extremely difficult to attract people to find one Fixer-Upper better than the other. You should attract them with other factors like price as well. Some mortgage brokers might able to help with this.

Fantastic Copy

When you are writing the marketing copy, make sure it mentions the bargain price you want for your place. Your agent will help you with this. It is important that you show the potential buyers that your low price is not because of any defect in the property but simply because it’s a Fixer-Upper and you want to carry forward the cost savings to the client. Also make sure all the benefits unique to your property are highlighted.

Spend on Advertisements

It is hard to find the right buyer for a Fixer-Upper; you can’t geographically point out a niche. Therefore, you have to advertise them any way you can. For example, print out brochures to hand out locally. Get an ad printed in a lifestyle magazine too that sells across country. Listing the house online can also help you sell your property by auction. Make sure that you list the Fixer-Upper on more than one site. That way you will be able to reach a wider audience. For example, a lot of people like to invest in Fixer-Uppers that may not necessarily be near where they live, but on a countryside where they have a property they can renovate as vacation home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell to Other Businesses

A lot of Fixer-Upper owners hesitate to sell to other businesses for their conditions on the price you have quoted. However, in the case of a Fixer-Upper you may not have much of a choice, especially if your property is in major need of some structural changes. More than half of the Fixer-Uppers in the country are sold to other big businesses who revamp the entire property. If you can’t sell off your place to an individual buyer because of serious drawbacks, sell it to a big business.

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