Permaculture Principles to be More Productive : How to use them

Permaculture principles applied to your garden and yard will save you money and time. We have heard the word “permaculture” many times, however, we might not really know what it’s for and what it involves or even how it connects to productivity.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of cultivation that is intended to sustain permanent agriculture by depending on the renewable resources and self-sustaining ecosystem. To make it simple, it is an approach to developing systems of settlement for individual and agricultural systems, which help the natural ecosystem of the land. In addition, this denotes that you are developing a sustainable land use designs through biological and ecological principles that sometimes reflect nature and in turn to maximum results for lesser work.

How to use Permaculture Principles
How to use Permaculture Principles

Here are three permaculture principles, which can help you increase your productivity:

Use and respond to change creatively

Change is the only permanent thing in the world, and successful businesses build a culture, which observes change as it describes, and determines how and when best to intervene.

Appreciate what’s happening on the “edges”

Did you know that the interface between things is where interesting events and ideas mostly happen? Most of the times, these are productive and diverse elements of the system.

Make the most of resiliency and diversity

This permaculture principle does not mean that you will weaken your business goals, however, it denotes looking within the structures you are making to make sure you are given with a lot of relationships.


Build your own success by starting small

Complicated systems are made from easy and simple systems, which work really well. Further, simple systems are simpler to keep. By starting small, you are able to keep some perspective on the right scale for the case.

Create from patterns to details

Once you look at successful patterns that are seen in the surroundings, you can build systems along with strong foundation, at the same time fill in the details as we go.

Value and use renewable services and resources

You need to make the best of at your own disposal from information, human and financial. Putting an explicit value on it will make a waste.

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Take some time to interact, observe and take stock

We are aware that it’s quite tempting to jump with your both feet sometimes, it is good to observe and contemplate. One you do not fully understand the situation, there’s a big chance that you might be spending your time making the wrong decision and coming up with the wrong solution.

Accept feedback and apply self-regulation

People need to know what really works for them and what does not so they can create on what works well for them. Knowing this is a key principle of business planning models and performance management methods.

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These permaculture principles stated above is only a guide for you to keep on track for sustainable and effective food production, however, they are excellent ideas as well for boosting your productivity.