Why Australian House Prices Will Fall

According to BIS Shrapnel, the threat of rising interest rates could be an indicator for the falling of Australian house prices in the following year. This is because the rise of interest rates will affect the affordability of the market in a negative way.

However, BIS Shrapnel also stated that this house prices crash prediction is still a little premature. In fact, according to their flagship report, the price falls will be quite minor if it really happens, which is only less than 10% of what the market experienced in the period of 2011-2012.

Meanwhile, the Australian house prices will likely still be moving up this year. In fact, it might even move in a higher pace in some areas like the south-east Queensland as well as in some regional cities like Cairns, Newcastle or Wollongong. This is due to undersupply condition that still exists in the market, also because the banks are still providing relatively easy loans for property buyers, which finally increases the demand. Rising demand in an undersupply market is automatically increasing house prices.

However, the 3 year prediction for Melbourne and Sydney doesn’t look so good. By mid 2018, many observers believe that the median house price in Sydney area will only be 2% higher than today’s price. While in Melbourne the rise will be a little higher, which is 4%, but still that’s a very small number. In Perth and Canberra on the other hand, prices will fall marginally. The prediction is even worse for apartment markets, only in Brisbane that the price seems to be a bit higher than today.

According to the senior manager of BIS Shrapnel, Angie Zigomanis, the level of apartment construction in major cities in Australia has created a disconnection between the balance of supply in the unit and house market and a discrepancy in price prospect.

In most major cities, apartment constructions are being done at record rates, encouraged by investors demand. When those apartment buildings are completed, high tenant demand is required to support rents and maintain values. The slowing down of the net overseas migration could definitely weaken the investor/rental sector, especially in resource based markets.

The key is to maintain high demand while maintaining just the right amount of supply of the housing units in the market. But of course this is not an easy thing to do, there are a lot of complexities involve, and looks like time is the only thing that holds the right answer to the future of this matter.

Is Australian in a Housing Bubble?


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Why You Shouldn’t Bet on A Housing Price Collapse

Looks like in every discussion about property investing in Australia there’s always a concern about the possibility for the existence of property bubble and what will happen if the housing price collapse. After several years the housing prices keep going up, a lot of people actually believe that these prices are at their peak, and the only way to go after something is at its peak is down. Many experts and observers also believe this to be true, but just how is this condition? There is actually no real evidence yet to this condition, but with so many symptoms that have appeared and expert analysis that are agreeing to such view, it’s quite alarming.

So is that mean there is a potentially huge risk to invest in a property currently when prices are might be at their peak? First of all, lets take a look at some of the most influential analysis in the market. If we observe these analysis deeply, actually there is a similarity amongst them. Usually these analysis are made based on the observation in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where housing prices have been moving up so fast the last few years and starting to slow down. It’s also predicted that the prices will slow down significantly by 2018.

Sydney is predicted to be experiencing only 2% rise while Melbourne is at 4% by the mid 2018 according to a report published by BIS Shrapnel. So actually no one is predicting any price collapse yet, but they do believe that the prices are definitely slowing down in some major cities. In fact, many reports even showed that the prices in some other areas are continuing to rise especially in areas with good economic and infrastructure growth.

The reason to this condition is the demand in the market that remains high, while many areas are currently in an undersupply condition, causing the housing prices keeps moving up. Currently the banks are still providing relatively easy loans for home buyers, which keeps the demand high. The growing economy in many areas and immigration flow to the country are also keeping the demand for housing units remain high. So should you bet on a housing price collapse? You better not, at least not in the following three years, or you might just miss some good investment opportunities that might provide great returns for you.

Is Australia in a Housing Bubble?


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How To Get The Best Home Loan

The real estate market is thriving in Australia and today it actually has become one of the top real estate investment destinations in the world. That’s why it’s not very surprising that getting a home loan in this country is actually not very difficult. Australia has a high rate of home ownership, even though the housing prices in this country is considered to be among the highest in the world, it doesn’t stop the Australians from buying their dream homes. Basically, getting the best home loan in Australia is pretty much a matter of choice. However, there is always a better option among many good options we have.

When trying to get a home loan, probably the very first thing you do is to search on the Internet. However, you cannot only rely on the information you get from the Internet. Usually banks and other financial institutions that usually offer home loans are only providing limited information about their products. So usually if you rely on their websites alone, you might be misled. This will make it difficult for you to really understand what they can offer you and which product is best for you.

Home loan is a pretty complex loan category, every lender usually has some specific preferences and requirements that you should comply with, and these requirements may not be the same for all of their products. So it’s likely that you won’t be able to find complete details about these home loan products on their websites. The best thing to do is to contact several lenders that you’re interested with so you can get more information about their products and make comparisons so you can find the best deal. You can either contact them over the phone or go to their offices and get your information directly.

The best home loan products are those that can be customized and flexible. Do your research thoroughly so you can avoid any home loan product that has any hidden agenda. Believe it or not, you can find such loan products everywhere and if you’re not careful enough, you can get trapped into a harmful deal. It’s best if you can determine you own realistic requirements for the best home loan and then you can try to find a home loan product that best fits those requirements. The key is to shop around and don’t rush to a decision, always compare your options so you can find the best home loan for you.

Is Australia in a housing bubble?


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Australian property bubble

Looks like anyone who wants to buy or sell a property in Australia always has some worries related to the growing speculation of Australian property bubble. Actually a lot of observers still believe that property prices in most Australian cities are not showing any signs of declining, however Treasury secretary John Fraser recently clearly stated that Sydney and some parts of Melbourne are currently in a housing bubble. This whole thing has really scared many people and make them wonder how they can protect their investment if they want to buy or sell properties.

Some property investors won’t even consider making an investment in Sydney and Melbourne anymore. Mostly they think that the growth rates in those two major cities are quite unsustainable and there will eventually be a correction, which is not a very good thing for property investors. For these investors, the buyers market in these cities is over leveraged. It might just increase the number of repossessions and mortgagee sales if the interest rates are rising.

However, even if all those worries really happen, any market decline will likely hit the hardest on the higher end of the market. So, if you’re not too sure about making any property investment in major cities that may have a chance of experiencing a property bubble, then it would be much safer if you just choose to invest properties that have good quality and also well priced that are at the bottom up to the middle end of the market.

For example if you’re interested in Sydney property but you’re worrying about the impact of the property bubble, then you could look into properties in the neighboring suburbs, such as the Central Coast, and Wollongong that are much cheaper. In this situation, investing in multiple areas and states might be a good strategy, because then you can spread your risk and will not lose too much in case the prices are declining in one particular area.

Another precaution you can make is to watch for the worst-case scenario when you are looking to sell your property, taking into consideration of just how much your property value could fall if the crash actually happens. Consider some important factors like how long have you had the mortgage, private spending, infrastructure of the area and demographics. Beware if you own a luxury beachside property or a high-class apartment, it’s usually got hit the hardest. The important thing is to find out just how much the value will drop for the particular property you have in case there is a crash in the market and act quickly based on your finding to save your investment.


Is Australian in a housing bubble?

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Brisbane Property Market

The Brisbane property market has gained huge popularity lately due to the steady economic development and population growth that’s finally resulting in high demand of housing units. More and more investors are attracted to this market that has been proven to be quite lucrative. Many people believe that the friendly weather in this part of the country is one of the main attractions for a lot of people to move to this city and also for property investors to invest their money in its property market.

Location is really a strong point for Brisbane, due to this particular benefit, the economy is really thriving in this city. This is the kind of growth that could be very beneficial for property investors, whether on short or long term basis. The infrastructure sector is growing fast as many local and international companies are expanding their operation in this growing city. This provides even more opportunities for property investment in Brisbane, because more companies operating in the city means more employment and population growth, and because these companies also will trigger faster economic growth, the people who live in Brisbane will be able to afford buying new properties.

The good news is the value of property in Brisbane keeps on increasing, while the ratio between demand and supply looks like always in favor of the property investors. Another great advantage is that the risks are actually quite low, because property is not as complicated as stocks and shares. But you do need to be careful, because when you invest in property that means there will be a lot of money involve.

When you want to invest in Brisbane property market, you really need to know about property management so you can be absolutely sure that your investment will provide benefits for you. Poor management is a recipe for disaster especially if you have spent a lot of money on multiple properties. If can’t handle it yourself, then it’s a lot better if you hire a good property manager to deal with your investment, because property management could be quite challenging and it’s not something that you can learn through trials and errors, once you make a mistake you will experience a huge loss. Nowadays you can find so many property managers in Brisbane, but you need to be completely sure the one you hire has lots of experience and able to do a great job in protecting your investment.


Is Australian in a housing bubble?

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Australian House Prices

In the last few years there has been quite a buzz in the media about the rising of Australian house prices. All this time most people think that the movement of house prices in Australia, whether up or down is influenced by the factor of supply, and most of them think that the rising of Australian house prices in the last few years are simply due to the short of supply. In some particular cases, this might be true, but this is not entirely true and definitely cannot be used to describe the Australian house market as a whole.

The availability of finance seems like a more reasonable factor in this matter, or in other words it’s a matter of how much banks in Australia are willing to lend. Within the last decade we have seen the credit explosion in the financial sector in Australia, which has coincided with the huge increase in house prices. When a lot of banks are willing to lend more money, more people are willing to borrow in order to buy homes, even those who actually haven’t thought of buying homes are now have the capacity to be in the market due to the lending.

The truth of this theory can be proven by looking at the condition during the global financial crisis. At that time, most banks tightened their lending policy and they didn’t want to take even the smallest risk when it comes to giving loans of any kind, the result was Australian house prices quickly dropped. Learning from that condition, we know just how much the banks can influence property prices. When they stop giving loans or tightened their lending criteria, the demand will drop, which also decrease s property prices, on the other hand when they lend more, the demand will rise and that will increase the property prices as well.

Regarding the “undersupply” theory, it’s totally debatable. Even though Population growth in Australia is considered to be one of the highest in the world especially through immigration. But this immigration flow also brings up a new culture where people share accommodation with friends and family to lower costs, so actually currently there is a co-habitation culture and that makes low property supply doesn’t really matter. Besides, nowadays there is an increase of rental vacancy rates in many capital cities in Australia, and that is a very unlikely trend if the Australian property market really suffers from an undersupply.


Is Australian in a housing bubble?

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Sydney Property Prices

A lot of property analytics are showing that Sydney property prices remain high when compared with the real estate market in other areas throughout the country. However, for people who intend to buy, rent or make a property investment in Sydney there are still excellent opportunities await. Today, the distance between Sydney property prices and the prices in other areas are actually closing in, this is because the prices in other real estate markets continue to rise in a faster pace than the property prices in Sydney.

Sydney property prices
Sydney property prices

In fact in the past few years many homeowners and property investors have witnessed property prices and values slightly decreasing in Sydney, while in other real estate markets they continue to rise. This condition has established a great opportunity for those who want to add real estate to their investment. The good thing is there are many lucrative options available in Sydney’s real estate market, whether for high end residences or moderately priced housing. Nowadays A ot of suburb areas in Sydney are actually showing excellent growth in supply and prestige after a long hibernation period.

Areas like Bremon, Warrawee, Gordon, Killara and Pymble are really showing promising activity and invigorated prices. For many people the options in these areas might seem quite costly and a bit too prestigious, however if you have the funds, these areas are actually providing excellent opportunities because they are expected to stay desirable. For those who are more interested in more moderately priced housing, an area such as Erskineville is worth to look into. In this area, the prices are actually very affordable for many families while at the same time it’s also showing great signs of rental yield and capital growth. As the population is growing in suburb areas where these moderately priced housing units are located, the demand is automatically increasing and that makes property investment becomes an excellent choice in these areas.

Nowadays there are generally two kinds of real estate renter and buyer candidates, those who interested in areas that are already found to be prestigious and pricy, and others that are more interested in discovering hidden gems. Darlinghurst for example, a lot of people in the real estate market would say that this area is really worth exploring, the only thing that makes this area is still “under-explored” is because it’s often overshadowed by the popular Surry Hills area. It’s no surprise because Surry Hills is a very lively urban area that’s famous for its vast selection of nice restaurants and bars. Another area that shares the similar condition as Darlinghurst is Redfern.

So anyone with a budget, whether for a prestigious and costly property or only enough for moderately priced housing, can actually find lots of opportunities in Sydney’s real estate market. So it looks like that the home buying market in Sydney is currently still a good place for buyers, in fact there are also a lot of readily available apartment rentals with a wide price ranges. This is an absolute great atmosphere for for real estate investors with a lot of new areas in Sydney that are slowly transforming into high demand areas. Even though for the past few years Sydney has earned a reputation as being the more expensive market compared with other areas, there is actually a nice balance in this market that provides opportunities and benefits for those who are looking to buy homes.

For international investors, the Australian housing market is still one of the best investments they can make. Many local and international experts actually believe that Australia is actually going through a housing boom and there are some impressive real estate figures in the Sydney market that keeps moving to the right direction. Even though things have been slightly slowing down in recent years, but prices and demand for properties in Sydney area remain strong.

Sydney is considered as one of the most densely populated cities in Australia, but the population in this area is actually quite spread out that makes its real estate market is so diverse, that’s why we can still expect the real estate industry to thrive in Sydney. Even though the overall housing market in Australia and the rest of the world for that matter, has experienced some bleak times, there is always a great opportunity in the future. The reason is simply because people will always need a place to live, and Sydney is one of the most desirable areas in Australia for a residential location.

The buyers’ market in Sydney is also very diverse. Most families looking to rent or buy properties in this area are usually going for properties with good value, proximity to the city and great atmosphere. Some of them are interested in more prestigious areas while others are more interested in less prominent areas that have great potentials for improvement. But one thing for sure, Sydney property prices are showing some promising signals for anyone who wants to make a property investment in the area.

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Shark Tank Casting – How to Apply

How to apply for shark tank casting ?

There are so many things you need to know, before you apply for Australian Shark Tank Casting.


Casting for Australian Shark Tank
Casting for Australian Shark Tank

How to Apply ?

ABC TV provider few options. Please Click Here to Apply from ABC Official website

Are you planing to casting fro Shark tank Australia?  Yes it’s open for everyone.  as long as you got a Good business idea or you running a successful business, you got a chance.

According Official website they say..

“Your business or product should be top-notch and something the Sharks will really want to sink their teeth into. It might even spark a bidding war between them. Who knows? You could be the fortunate entrepreneur who gets the Sharks to reveal their true level of interest and to bid up the price of your investment!”


If guys like these can get in to the shark tank, anyone can get it. Click above image to see the worst shark tank pitch ever.

Here are some advice we can give it to you.

01. Motivate your self

02. Give sharks more than 5% of the business.