Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on training staff at McDonalds : Channel 7 NEWS

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Yes, you read it correctly. Every year millions of taxpayer money spent on training McDonalds staff and other big corporations. Today publish an article and Channel 7 also reviled this.

NSW government has given  million of Tax payer (Small business owners & hard working people) money  to train their staff.

Green reveals that NSW government paid $1,809,485 to Mc Donalds to train their staff under vocational education and training.  Green request this information under the freedom of information facility/Act.

mc donalds tax scam
mc Donald’s TAX story : 7 News

According to

Government funding for vocational training is contestable, meaning the public provider TAFE has to compete with private providers for government funding. NSW embraced the funding model after it was introduced in Victoria.

Funny thing is, State government cut funding to TAFe, because they need to keep give money to McDonalds. NSW teachers federation president said to channel 7 it was time to put a cap on the amount of public money being handed to these multi-million organizations.

since the news break the media today. the Labour spokesmen for skill and training said Government could afford to provide money to McDonalds to train its staff “Surely they can afford to stop sacking our TAFE teachers”

Below is the list of corporations getting paid by NSW government to train their own staff.

Private Provider payments for contestable vocational education and training in the 2015/16 financial year:

Vision Training Institute Pty Ltd: $4,680,901.44

Wise Education Group Limited: $4,488,566.77

Benchmark Resources Pty Ltd: $3,149,824.14

ASH Pty Ltd: $3,141,455.59

United World College Pty Ltd: $3,063,138.15

Reach for Training Pty Ltd: $3,050,883.26

Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd: $2,736,018.92

NSW Dept of Primary Industries: $2,596,405.23

Australian College of Commerce: $2,425,203.79

Training Specialists (Australia): $1,991,110.47

Train Australia Pty Ltd: $1,903,039.18

Mcdonald’s Australia Ltd: $1,809,485.67

Verto Ltd: $1,701,285.84

Australian Retailers Association: $1,622,800.61

Novaskil I: $1,606,382.27

Applied Training Solutions Pty Ltd: $1,555,209.26

TSA The Training Company: $1,531,804.64

Acacia Group Ltd: $1,495,635.61

Enterprise & Training Company Ltd: $1,469,517.27

Masters in Building Training P/L: $1,398,161.54

Learning Sphere Training Solutions: $1,340,497.03

Hume Learning Institute Pty Ltd: $1,275,917.73

Response Consulting Australia: $1,263,049.14

Illawarra Area Child Care Ltd: $1,214,463.32

Macquarie Employment Training: $1,110,941.36

The Quality Training Company Pty: $1,079,123.78

NSW Health: $1,029,974.01

Source: NSW Government figures obtained by NSW Greens through freedom of information

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