Meet the 10 year old boy, who makes millions each year

It looks like there are no age limits to become a millionaire. We see everyday someone with a new idea or try to reinvent an old idea make a lot of money by doing it correctly. Earlier we wrote about the 23 years old girl who made 3.3 Million in one year by selling waist trainers in Instagram.

Today we are going to introduce to a whole new age group. Yes, this boy makes millions each year, and he is just under ten years old.

Meet Evan and his youtube channel EvanTubeHD. He reviews Toys on his youtube channel and makes millions by Advertisers and Sponsors by the time we write this article he has over 3.4 Million YouTube subscribers. All of his videos view by millions of YouTubers.

Evan got around 8250 million views, and he is a certified YouTube star. And according to Business Insider, Evan earns $1.3 million a year from his toy review videos. Yes, that’s 1.3 MILLION dollars.

Evans Dad is helping for the YouTube Channel, and he negotiates advertising deals with Toy manufacturers and other related brands. He told Newsweek website that, all the savings going to a saving and investment account of kids future.

The best thing is. Evan gets to do the best thing as a child. Evan gets the latest Toys directly from Toy stores for Free, and he gets them before anyone else. For a ten years old boy opening new toys every day more rewarding than anything else.