Jollibee Australia What do you want to know?

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Jollibee is a Fast growing fast food chain from the Philippines. They have westernized Philippines food. according to report, they will come to Australia and will open Jollibee Australia shops in 2017.

Jollibee Australia
Jollibee Australia

“Currently, we are present in two (continents), and in the next two years we will see Jollibee in four continents,” Dennis Flores said.

So, What do you want to know about Jollibee?

If you are never eaten from this fast food chain while you were in overseas, you might think how is the food taste? here are the few facts about Jollibee.

01. The name says it all. Their mascot is a Bee
Yes, they have a Bee with a cooking hat for their logo. Jollibee’s founder, Tony Tan, decided on the mascot because he wanted the company to reflect the optimism and hardworking attitude of Filipinos, according to The Economist.
02. They got rice on their menu
We have seen a lot of McDonnalds in Asia has rice in their Menu. but they never include rice in Australian menu. however, Jollibee has rice on their menu. this will be a great news for south Asian live in Australia.
03. It’s famous for kids birthday parties
They are famous for Kids birthday parties all over the world. because they got a kid’s friendly Mascot and food also tastier than many fast food chains, they will have a big success in Australia, when it’s come to children’s birthday parties.

04. They got a delivery service
How do you feel your McDonnalds come to your Door ??? yes, this new fast food chain has door to door deliveries. they only introduce it to their home country, however, we hope they will have delivery service in Australia.
05. They are very popular in Social Media
When we write this article we thought about going to Social media and do some extended research about this fast growing company. Yes, they have a very powerful social media following around the world.

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