How to be happy – Guide for humans

How to be happy? Believe or not in Australia more than 5,000 people search for this each month. It is very concerning to see how much people are desperate about being happy and how many times they got so sad and try to find an answer from Google.

We know, SME Tools is a business magazine and not a lifestyle website. However, business people are searching for this more than working people. So, this might be helpful to business owners too.


There are hundreds of articles written about this topic, and most of them are very similar. Therefore we read all the articles for you and come up with five most doable and practical solutions to be happy. We look at the psychological factors than the social aspect of it. Therefore our top 4 focus on you, rather than helping others, etc.

01. Listen to a Song you love (not a Sad Song)

We all have that one song that, make you feel alive and put some energy on your feet. For a few moments, you will feel different and might keep your sad feelings away.


02. Go out and get some air

When you feel sorry, you will never feel like going out. Going out will make you resistant to be happy. If you go out, you will see more people and happy people. Going out will give you a chance to see something or talk to someone you never met or seen before. Breathing fresh air also help you to be happy.

In a study done by The American Meteorological Society. They mentioned that the current temperature has a huge impact on someone’s happiness than things like wind speed and humidity, approximately even the average temperature over the passage of a day.


03. Exercise to boost energy

We all talk about it, but only a few of us doing it regularly. Doing exercises and workouts are excellent ways to increase your blood flow.

Running can be a great way to feel more healthy and active. When you run your heart rate goes higher, and you will have an excellent blood flow all around your body,

Also, when you run, always try to do real running than using a treadmill. Using a treadmill will never make you feel the same way as you feel by going to the city or a park. You will get to see other people, gardens, and more beautiful things.


04. Give some Treat to Yourself (Small things Matter)

It’s all bout yourself end of the day. Even though, you need to think your family first. If you are not 100% happy and not feeling positive, You can’t make others happy too. Therefore, having a great lunch or a try a new drink, talk to someone in the bar, can change your mood to a positive one.

Try to buy something to yourself. Something like a new watch or new mobile phone. Taking care of yourself will make you happy for sure.


Here you go…
Four simple things to try and be happy. Always do something rather than searching Google for How to Happy is a better way to be happy.
Hope you all agree and do not forget to comment with any other great ways to be happy. Your comments are always welcome.