How to get government grants to help your small business ?

Most business owners don’t know about available government grants for Small to medium size businesses. It will be a great boost for a Small business If you can win a Federal Government Grant.   Here are some top government grants available for you to grab quickly.

Export Market Development Grant

This Scheme administrated by Austrade. It is act like an Aid for export businesses. Business can reimbursed up to 50% of promotion expenses.

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Government Grants for Entrepreneurs’

Accelerating Commercialisation

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Business Management

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Innovation Connections

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Research and Development Tax Incentive

This Research and development Tax incentive is a very commonly used tax incentive used by major organisations. However, this one is available of all the businesses. as long as you try to innovate or introduce a new technology. you can apply for this.

Under the scheme, businesses can apply for financial assistance for up to 50% of their investment in research and development, as well as 15% of the value of their investment in price and earnings (P&E).

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Here are some grants you could use to get some cash injection for your business. We will keep updating the list for your convenience and as we get to know new grants.