Australians are expected to spend $9.77 billion dollars on Christmas gifts in 2016

According to‘s  research. Data shows that we are about to spend $9.77 billion on Christmas gifts. Compare to the last year it is 28% increase.

They conducted the survey among 2,500 Australians and gather this stats.

“With unemployment at the lowest level in three years and interest rates at an all-time low, Australian shoppers are feeling confident and generous, “ Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at said in a release.

State by State spending chart.

christmas spending

However, how businesses should get excited from this data. It means around 10% to 20% increase in your sales this year. If you are in the gift market or sell consumer products directly, this is a big opportunity for everyone.

How to target these big spenders?

The best way to target this market is Social Media. You should start running Facebook and Instagram Ads as soon as possible. It is an excellent medium to reach consumers for an affordable price. Instagram introduced New Instagram Product tagging feature. you can use this feature to get more out of Social media.

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