5 Things You Can Learn From donald trump’s speech Political Speech For Pitching to VCs

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Trump's Political Speech
Trump’s Political Speech

The US coming election is one of the most talked about events in the world today. Among other interesting things about the election, Donald trump’s speech something that always catch the attention of the media.

Trump is a rather controversial candidate in this coming election, perhaps even the most controversial candidate ever in the US. However, there are actually a lot of things we can learn from his speeches that can be applied to business. In this case, we can learn how to pitch to VCs from the way Trump sells himself to voters through his speeches.

There are few Donald Trump’s Speeches here

  1. Framing

In all of his political speeches, usually Trump always managed to give answers, even to questions that aren’t asked. He can always set his own narrative whenever he responded to questions or when he initiated a dialogue.

In business, that is the art of framing, which is a very important part in the process of raising money. You have to make investors believe that your product’s market is broad. You have to be able to properly position your product in the market with the right perspective.

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  1. Repetition

If you have listened to Trump’s speeches many times, you will know that he often repeated messages from his previous speeches over and over. This makes his listeners remember what he said and most importantly, his key points.

In pitching to VCs, you can apply this strategy by repeating key points of your pitch over and over. You should also remember that the first and last thing you say usually matter the most. This makes sense especially if you’re pitching to an active investor who listens to so many pitches every week.

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  1. Authenticity

Trump is considered controversial because he doesn’t seem to filter his words. But that’s what makes him Trump, that sets him apart from other politicians. Even though we know that some phrases he used are taken from other politicians, like Ronald Reagan for example, he made those phrases became his, because he was saying those words with his own style. His style makes him human and makes him able to relate with his voters, mainly because he’s using basic emotions in delivering his messages.

Investors can also relate to your pitch if you can show emotions during your pitch. Personal stories often can help in this matter. Telling your personal story that led you to invent the product will help investors to relate with your product easier.


  1. Bravado

Many people see Donald trump’s speech as an false sppech, but his voters simply see someone with high confident. His bravado helps to create a persona that he is an authority figure who can solve problems.

Investors want to see people with a can-do attitude, who believe in themselves and highly confident about their products.


  1. Props

Trump has a smart way of showing that he is a powerful man, a family man, as well as a ladies man every time he speaks in public. He’s wearing a red tie that symbolizes power, he brings along his beautiful wife showing that he’s a ladies’ man, and often he showed his children and their spouses to signify that he’s a family man.

Bringing the right props during your pitch will help a lot to convince the investor. These props can help you deliver your messages and relate with your investors.

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