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Tired of working for other people and thinking about starting your own business? That’s a great thinking, but have you found out what kind of business you want to start?

10 Interesting Business Ideas to quite your Job
10 Interesting Business Ideas to quite your Job

Actually, many people are thinking the same way, they are tired of working nine to five, sacrificing their time to put money in other people’s pockets and finally decided that they want to start their own business. One thing that stops them is usually because they actually don’t have any business idea.

Starting a home-based business may not be as difficult as you think, and it’s not really that hard to find a business idea that suits you. The most important thing is that you know exactly what you’re good at and what you love to do, also you’re willing to work hard.

So here are 10 interesting home business ideas that might be within your reach:


  1. Accountant

If you’re currently working as an accountant in a company, you actually can continue doing it at home. You can start by creating a flier to outline your services. It could be as simple as just doing a bookkeeping for a small business, but you can also offer more comprehensive accounting services, including working on balance sheets, financial reports, tax accounting, income statements and others. Most small businesses don’t have an employee to do the accounting, so this is actually a business opportunity with a huge market.


  1. Bicycle Repair

If you love bicycle and you like to fix things, bicycle repair could be a great business for you. There is always a market for bicycle wherever you are. However, in some areas with harsh winter season, this usually becomes a seasonal business. But you can actually get around it by offering a storage unit where you can store people’s bicycle during the winter after you repair them or do a tune-up work. You can also specialize on road race bicycles, because usually the owners of these bikes are training all year round, even through snow.


  1. Boat Cleaning

This could be a very lucrative seasonal or all year round business, but licensing would be needed. You can work on boats that are taken out of the water during the winter or during mid-season repairs. Mostly these boats need their hull cleaned, but you can also work on other parts, depending on the type of boat. You can start by simply drive around and go to houses where there is a boat in the yard, or better yet you can go to the marina and offer your service there.


  1. Chimney Sweep

If you’re interested in this business but don’t know how the work is done, you can just be apprentice to a chimney expert for a while. It’s not a very difficult thing to do, so you can master it in a short time, and there is always a market for it. You can also combine it with a chimney inspection, so not just cleaning the chimney, you can also do an inspection to make sure whether the chimney is in good condition.


  1. Cleaning Service

There is always a huge market for cleaning business because there are just so many directions you can take. You can offer your service to offices, retail businesses or restaurants that constantly need a thorough daily cleaning. You can even offer your service to homeowners. The great thing about this business is that you don’t have to spend too much money on advertising, because usually the most effective marketing is by word of mouth. So you just need to find the first few clients and your customers’ base will add up automatically.


  1. Computer Repair

If you have the skills and experience, computer repair is always a good business, but licensing might be needed. One very important thing you have to remember in this business is to keep updating your knowledge, because the computer technology is keep on improving, especially when it comes to software. Make yourself seen as a guru who can solve problems of computer users, whether it’s a personal computer or office computer.


  1. Consultant

After years of working in a company, you would have what’s needed to be a consultant of something that relates to your previous work, especially if you used to be a manager or had an important position in the company. Consulting work usually won’t take too much of your time, so you can still do other businesses.


  1. Dog Breeder

Dog is the number one pet in the world, so there’s a huge market for this business as long as you can do it properly. Licensing might be needed for this business, but it’s worth the trouble because dog breeding business could be very lucrative. Some people just don’t want to get their dogs from animal shelters because they are looking for specific breeds. That’s where you come in, with your expertise to supply dog breeds that are in demand.


  1. Editorial Services

Editorial services are sought after and you can do it quietly in the comfort of your home. The great thing is that this kind of business has a good chance to expand if you can provide great services to your clients. Services you can provide include copyediting, proofreading, indexing, developmental editing, book doctoring, ghost writing, copy writing, book writing, magazine article writing or web page content.


  1. Electronics Repair

If you’re good with electronics, this would be a great business for you. Electronics are everywhere, and people don’t always like to buy new electronic products, especially the expensive ones. So an electronic repair guy is always needed. Just imagine how many electronics can be found in a small family house, now each of those stuff can bring business for you. You can also expand by offering your service to small businesses. This is also a type of business that doesn’t require too much marketing work. All you need is to get a few customers that you serve very well, then just let them spread the words about your business and you’ll see that your clients base will grow by itself.

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